Megabytes and Megabits internet speeds

Megabytes and Megabits: Here’s what your internet speed means

The megabits and megabytes confusion is widespread among many internet users. This issue often arises when dealing with internet providers. Because we are more...
mobile internet price hike nepal

Mobile and Internet tariff going high: Are you prepared?

When Dr. Yuba Raj Khatiwada was going to present the annual budget for the fiscal year 2075-76, everyone was excited. However, the excitement went...
best Internet service providers

Top Internet Service Providers (ISP) in Nepal

The number of internet users in Nepal is growing very fast. Considering the latest data, the internet penetration in Nepal has reached a whopping...
weekly poll 2 isp

Poll results: Vianet the most loved Internet Service Provider in Nepal

Nepal has only a handful of ISPs. So, we had to ask our readers which ISP they preferred the most. The results were quite...
the best isp in nepal

Weekly Poll 2 – Which is the best ISP in Nepal?

ISPs are a huge part of our lives. They bless us with internet that unlocks us to a whole world of information, for a...
nokia worldlink high speed internet partnership nepal

Nokia and WorldLink hand in hand for Super-fast Broadband Services in Nepal

We are quite aware of the suffering invited by frequent buffering while using the internet. ISPs (Internet Service Providers) promise high-speed internet and levy...

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