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Best Internet Service Providers ISP in Nepal 2021 2022

Best Internet Service Providers (ISP) in Nepal 2022 [Updated]

In this article, I'll be talking about the best internet service providers (ISP) in Nepal. But please allow me to make a proper introduction...
WiFi Nepal - Price, Plans

WiFi Nepal introduces competitively priced 30 Mbps internet starting at Rs 333

After CG Net disrupted the Nepali ISP market with their 120Mbps internet plans, it appears that WiFi Nepal intends to do the same with...
Worldlink 1Gbps internet plan pricing availability

Worldlink announces 1Gbps internet plan with Mesh Wi-Fi connection

Worldlink Communication is Nepal’s biggest internet service provider based on the active subscriber count. The company has now launched a 1Gbps internet plan for...
CG Net 50Mbps internet plan pricing packages fiber net coverage FUP

CG Net introduces 50Mbps “Super Sasto Package” for just Rs. 649 per month

After disrupting the Nepali ISP market with its introductory 120Mbps internet, CG Net has now introduced a cost-effective 50Mbps plan. In this article, we...
DishHome 100Mbps Dimaaaaag Halline Offer

DishHome is offering 100Mbps internet at just Rs. 899 per month

Earlier this year, DishHome ignited the Nepali internet market with its 25Mbps package for just Rs. 233 per month to existing subscribers of its...
Worldlink Photon Series 300Mbps Internet in Nepal

Worldlink introduces 300Mbps Photon Series internet with mesh Wi-Fi in Nepal

Worldlink, the leading ISP in Nepal, has launched the Photon Series 300Mbps internet. Currently, this is the highest bandwidth plan available for residential users...
Vianet Purple Pack Internet Offer Ncelll Free Mobile Data Voice Call Offer

Vianet teams with Ncell to provide free mobile data with its internet plans

Last month, Nepal Telecom announced the Double Mazza offer, under which the company bundled mobile data with fiber internet. And now, Vianet has brought...
Nepal Government to reduce internet prices plan

Nepal government is planning to reduce internet prices pretty soon

Nepalese have long complained about the price of internet in the country, be it broadband or mobile data. The rise of CG Net gave...
NTC Double Mazza FTTH Internet Offer

NT has announced Double Mazza FTTH offer with free daily Mobile Data

Nepal Telecom has just announced Double Mazza Offer for FTTH users. Under this offer, NT is offering 20Mbps internet plus 106GB Data for just...
Subisu Internet Chha Kamaal Speed Super Babaal 150Mbps offer price in nepal

Subisu announces 150Mbps “Internet Chha Kamaal Speed Super Babaal” offer

There is no doubt that CG Net has revolutionized Nepal's internet market with its low-cost 120Mbps plans. Then came DishHome with Rs. 233/month 25Mbps...