WiFi Nepal is the cheapest internet service provider in Nepal

WiFi Nepal - Price, Plans
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After CG Net disrupted the Nepali ISP market with its 120Mbps internet plans, WiFi Nepal came into action with its affordable offerings in 2022. The brand’s goal is to provide dependable, cost-effective, and affordable broadband internet service across Nepal. And it even gets better with a 24-month package, starting at NPR 8,475, making it the cheapest internet in Nepal.  In this post, we will take a look at the pricing, and availability of WiFi Nepal Home packages.

WiFi Nepal Home Internet Plans: Cheapest Internet in Nepal

Ignoring the ongoing speed race amongst the ISPs in Nepal, WiFi Nepal opts to provide the cheapest internet plans in the country with two bandwidth speeds: 30Mbps and 50Mbps.

WiFi Nepal Cheapest Internet in Nepal


The ISP currently offers two plans basically: “DealDar Offer” and “Chaubish Mahine Offer” on the speeds mentioned above.

Deal Dar Offer

Under this “Dealdar Offer,” you get one year of 50Mbps internet yearly at the cost of Rs. 6,215 while the 80Mbps costs Rs. 8,475 with 13% VAT included. You can also avail of these packages at tri-monthly and six-month packages. Here’s a table mentioning the tariff, duration, and other info, making it easy for you!

Deal Dar Internet Plan

Duration With 13% VAT 50Mbps 80Mbps
3 months Rs. 3,503 Rs. 4,068
6 months Rs. 4,068 Rs. 5,311
12 months Rs. 6,215 Rs. 8,475

Wait, the Deal Dar offer is also available in one more interesting scheme. You get 13 months of 50Mbps at Rs. 6,215 and 80Mbps at Rs. 8,475, of course with 13% VAT included.

Speed 12 + 1 Month (With VAT 13% Included)
50 Mbps Rs. 6,215
80 Mbps Rs. 8,475

    “Chaubish Mahine” Offer

    The recent plan makes it even more interesting. This “Chaubish Mahine” Offer provides 50Mbps and 80Mbps internet packages for two years at just Rs. 8,475 and Rs. 11,865 respectively.

    “24 Mahine” Package Duration Tariff
    50Mbps 2 years (24 months) Rs. 8,475
    80mbps Rs. 11,865

    One-time charge

    For now, WiFi Nepal does not charge for installation or drop wire. In contrast, the router fee is fixed at Rs. 1,500 regardless of the duration of the connection.

    1 month 3 months 6 months 12 months
    Installation Charge Free
    Drop Wire Charge Free
    Single Band Router Rs. 1,500

    Note: These prices are exclusive of 13% VAT.

    WiFi Nepal IPTV, FUP Policy & Coverage

    WiFi Nepal has introduced internet connections at an unmatched price. However, it has not revealed anything about the FUP Policy. Recently, Wi-Fi Nepal has expanded to Surkhet, Nepalgunj, Butwal, Bhairahawa, Pokhara, Damak, and Biratmode to name a few except Kathmandu Valley.

    WiFi Nepal Coverage in Nepal
    WiFi Nepal’s Coverage in Nepal

    How to book WiFi Nepal internet service? 

    If you think, WiFi Nepal’s new internet plans are best suited for you, you can book a connection from their official website. Alternatively, you can even contact them via phone and email.

    WiFi Nepal (Sales)

    • 01-5970789
    • [email protected]
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