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Top Televisions in Nepal under Rs. 70,000

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If you are an avid TV viewer, a good TV can end up not just being a good source of information and entertainment, but also being a best friend. However, picking a new TV is not an easy job these days. There are numerous features to consider like the resolution, display size, technology, etc. And with so many features to consider and with the launches of new TV technologies every now and then, making a good decision is getting harder all the time.

But since the televisions are a pricey purchase, we always expect to get our money’s worth and to get satisfied with the features and picture quality in a long run. Since the World Cup 2018 has already made a debut, it is high time to get a TV if you still haven’t gotten a decent one. And for the worthy upgrade, we have enlisted top televisions in Nepal under 70000 price.

1LG 43LJ617T

The 43UJ617T is one of the best televisions available in the market. The TV features a 43-inch display promising sharp, clear and vibrant picture quality. The device also comes with Full HD (1920 x 1080 pixels) resolution in a 16:9 aspect ratio. The TV has a good color reproduction and an appreciable viewing angle. Users can also adjust the viewing angles as the TV features flexible wall mount brackets, which lets the users rotate the TV as per their viewing angle requirement.

The 43LJ617T also is hugely dependable in terms of clarity, colors, and contrast as the television comes with the PMI (Picture Mastering Index) of 1000. PMI depends on three key factors: Digital Image Processor, Advanced LED Panel Technology, and Advanced BLU Technology. And the LG looks promising not just on its LED panel, but also on Digital Image Processor and Advanced BLU tech, ensuring a high picture quality as well as the ‘PMI’.

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What puts LG slightly ahead of its competition is the inclusion of the Magic Motion remote, which gives users the option of pointing and clicking their way through menus like using a Nintendo Wii controller, or clicking and scrolling. Also, the Magic Motion remote is the best solution to the lengthy and time-consuming username, password, and other types of text entry. In addition, the TV embraces a uniquely refined webOS launcher bar. With these features, users can dive into a limitless world of premium content from all of the most popular entertainment providers.

Along with a powerful display, the 43UJ617T TV comes in a slimmer size packing Full HD pictures seamlessly enough to blend in with home’s décor. The device also produces 20-watt Dolby Digital audio output. With the richer surround sound, the users can entertain themselves with the immersive audio experience watching the crisp and vibrant content alongside. This television costs Rs. 67,990 on the purchase.

2Samsung 43M5500

Samsung has always acquired goodwill in the smartphone business and that extends to the Television sector too. And for that, 43M5500is a good example. The TV comes with the bright, sharp, and vivid display.  With the vibrant display, the television could easily please its audience. In addition, the device also comes with the high dynamic range, wide viewing angles, and appreciable color accuracy. And in its Full HD display, the content on the screen pops out with the clear and crisp details. Additionally, the TV comes with a PurColor feature, which Samsung claims will produce a wide gamut of colors resulting in a natural looking picture.

This Full HD TV is a smart TV by genre. It features the Tizen Operating system and comes with pre-installed apps such as NetFlix, YouTube, Amazon Prime, Box TV and a web browser. According to the personal preferences, users can also access and download more apps from the Samsung store. Another privilege of having this TV would be to watch the contents of a smartphone simply by connecting the smartphone to the TV. The TV also supports Wi-Fi Direct feature, which lets the users connect their phone or tablet wirelessly to the TV.

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For the audio, the M5500 uses twin down firing speakers with the bass reflex. Each speaker is rated at 10W making the total audio output of 20W. This is the same audio system that one can find on Samsung’s larger and high-end TVs, so the 43″ M5500 packs a decent punch.

There is also an inbuilt feature on the TV with which the users can control the TV with the voice commands. Samsung has also designed a dedicated voice search button on the remote, which allows the users to search for apps or content easily. Besides this, the users can also tweak the volume, change the channels, set the timer and change the video source with voice commands. This TV is now on the shelf of various Samsung stores tagged along with the price of Rs. 65,700.

3Sony 43W660F

This TV possesses an alluring design and looks even more appealing because of the slim size and narrow rims. Available at the price of Rs. 70,000 (Rs. 71,200 original price) for the World Cup season, this TV comes with an immersive 43-inch display and features a Full HD (1920 x 1080 pixels) resolution. The display on the Television is X-Reality™ PRO enabled. The X-Reality PRO picture processing upscales every pixel in the television and displays contents with an exceptional clarity. As frames are analyzed with this technology, each scene is matched with the special image database to refine images and reduce noise. Sony claims that the surfaces of buildings and boats are enhanced with extra detail with this feature.

The 43W660F also selectively maps the colors across the wide gamut available. On the top, with specially designed backlit colors, the television ascertains a delightful viewing experience keeping the vivid and authentic feel on every scene. Furthermore, the display is HDR enabled because of which the screen is capable of reproducing colors with so much of accuracy that the details on the darkest shadows and whitest clouds can be recollected a number of times more than the normal or conventional display. This Sony Bravia TV excels at the audio department too. The TV is ClearAudio+ enabled, which works on fine-tuning due to which the TV’s sound offers an immersive experience.

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This TV is internet ready by nature and lots of content can be viewed in it directly from the internet. The users can access the YouTube instantly in a single click. So it is convenient for the users to go straight to YouTube and enjoy their favorite videos. Sony also claims that they have made YouTube faster on this internet ready TV and has included a YouTube button on the remote control for easy browsing.