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How often have you lost or left behind your wallet at restaurants, halls, classrooms, parks or anywhere else? This has happened a lot to me and a few of my friends. It is such a havoc, losing one’s wallet. It is never just about the money, identification cards, and debit-credit cards. More often than not it is just the hassle that follows which bothers us. There is always a long queue waiting for us at the banks to cancel the credit/debit cards and a longer governmental procedure waiting for us at governmental offices to reapply for the ID cards.

Cuir Ally, a luxury leather goods brand, has launched their flagship product: the Voyager. The wallet does not only have a sleek and classy leather design but also comes with other promising, innovative features making it a smart choice for customers. The wallet is not only made up of fine-grain premium leather but also boasts of smart connected technology which allows buyers to keep track of their wallet via their phones and vice versa.

The wallet elegantly integrates a pen saving you the embarrassment of having to ask for one and also a handy booklet to go with it. Besides that, it contains space for your passport, your boarding passes, credit cards, SIM card, visiting cards among others. All of these card slots have intuitive thumb friendly card slot design, which also saves time by preventing fidgeting for the cards. The wallet contains an embedded smart chip, which uses Bluetooth to connect to your phone. To integrate the wallet to your phone, you simply need to download the Chipolo app which is available on both Android and iOS platforms. All in all, the Voyager has a unique patent protected design that helps you carry more with a lot less effort and also maintains a slim profile.

“The Voyager has a unique patent protected design that helps you carry more with a lot less effort and also maintains a slim profile.”

Voyager Smart Wallet

The Voyager Smart Wallet comes with the following smart technologies:

  • Distance Alarm: As soon as your wallet gets separated from you, you get a notification on your smartphone.
  • Wallet Locator: To find your wallet’s location, you can simply ring it from your smartphone. Moreover, you can also see where you last left it by logging in to your Chipolo account using Facebook or Google logins.
  • Phone Locator: To find your smartphone, you can simply ring it by double tapping the wallet. Worried that your phone is on silent mode? Don’t! The phone will start ringing even if it’s on silent mode.
  • Take a Selfie: To do this, open the Chipolo app on your smartphone, choose the selfie option & just double press on the bottom right portion of the wallet to turn it to your very own selfie remote.

Since it’s an Indiegogo crowd funding campaign, the company is seeking support to reach hit 100% of its funding goal. You can back the project by logging into Indiegogo website and donate any amount to raise the funds.