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Researchers say heartbeat can be used to unlock data

A patient’s own heartbeat could be used to secure their personal data, according to researchers at Binghamton State University, New York. This report comes...

CES: Protect your devices with the Norton Core Router

You might have heard the terms Internet of things (IoT), botnet and Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) quite a few times last year. And...

Yahoo is set to confirm a historic hack

If recent emerging reports are accurate, then Yahoo is in serious problem-its users will be severely affected. And the report says that Yahoo is...

Is Google Play tracking you?

Security Researcher Mustafa Al-Bassam from London after entering McDonald’s, his Android phone prompted him to download the fast-food chain’s mobile app. After the incident, he checked...

Hack an Android phone and win $200,000 from Google

Google has announced a hacking contest, Project Zero offering a $200,000 first prize to vulnerability hunters around the world if they can find a way...

Hackers steal $81 million from a bank that had no firewall

Sometimes the best way to learn is from your mistakes, or at least someone else’s mistakes. The central bank of Bangladesh just gave all...

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