Lineage OS: CyanogenMod OS is Dead, New OS Born

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Have you heard that “when one door closes another door opens.” After the death of CyanogenMod, Lineage OS was born. A faster, stronger, better version of the once mighty CyanogenMod.

What is Lineage OS?

Lineage OS is a custom ROM for android devices. If you don’t know what custom ROM is you can read about it here. They have a team of people making these custom ROMs (most of them are from the CyanogenMod team). They also have volunteers who are going to help them with it.

Is my device getting Lineage OS?

Currently, they are going to release Lineage OS for about 80 devices and this is list is going to keep increasing. If you want to know if your android phone is supported then you can check this page. Lineage OS is based on Android Marshmallow and Nougat. So good news for people stuck in Android lollipop or lower (provided your device is in their supported list).

Why do I want Lineage OS?

It completely depends on the personal preference of every individual. Except those using CyanogenMod OS. CyanogenMod will not be officially supported from now on. For the rest of us, Lineage OS will provide a very stock android experience with a variety of customization options. It will also have unique features of its own.

Is this safe?

Everything is official but you need to be careful before jumping in. As is the case with any custom ROMs you need to know about all the risks. The people from Lineage OS are very clear that they aren’t responsible for any harm you do to your device or to yourself. And neither are we from Gadgetbyte responsible for it. FLASH AT YOUR OWN RISK.


If your device is supported then you should definitely give this a try. Lineage will be releasing ROMs for different devices as they are ready. You can check Lineage’s own website for more details. They have lots of different unofficial portals too, you can give them a read too.

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