Heaters with your Internet? Why did Worldlink think that would be a Good Combo?

Aw.. you wanted sweatshirts? Maybe next year.

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Honor X9b Ad

What do you get when you cross a hypercompetitive market and an out-of-touch marketing team? Something so eerie that’ll have you cringing at the mere sight of it. Worldlink, the largest ISP of Nepal may just have achieved this inglorious feat with its latest Heaternet scheme.

You may have thought that you’d get past all the ridiculousness with that simplistically clever naming, but no, not on my watch. If we’re talking strictly money-wise, then the offer can somewhat be defended for its economical approach; a free heater, decent bandwidth, plus dual NETTV subscription is a good bundle. However, we have a bigger fish to fry here.

I mean, I’m definitely not alone in this. Briefly going through the comment section on Worldlink’s Facebook page, I found many people sharing the same belief. A heater with your internet? Truly a bruh moment. Is the stiff competition getting to you?

Worldlink Heaternet Offer – 25Mbps (1TV) Package

Duration NETTV (All Channels) GO Discount App CG Blower Heater Price
1 month Yes Yes Yes Rs. 3,550
3 months Yes Yes Yes Rs. 6,000
12 months Yes Yes Yes Rs. 16,000

Worldlink Heaternet Offer – 40Mbps (2TVs) Package

Duration NETTV  GO Discount App CG Blower Heater Price
1 month Yes Yes Yes Rs. 3,850
3 months Yes Yes Yes Rs. 6,400
12 months Yes Yes Yes Rs. 17,500

Worldink Heaternet Offer – 40Mbps (3TVs) Package

Duration NETTV (All Channels + YouTube GO Discount App CG Blower Heater Price
1 month Yes Yes Yes Rs. 4,000
3 months Yes Yes Yes Rs. 6,800
12 months Yes Yes Yes Rs. 18,500

Worldlink Heaternet Offer – 60Mbps (3TVs) Package

Duration NETTV (All Channels + YouTube GO Discount App CG Blower Heater Price
1 month Yes Yes Yes Rs. 4,700
3 months Yes Yes Yes Rs. 8,800
12 months Yes Yes Yes Rs. 26,000

ok boomer

Worldlink is most definitely fishing for an audience of the older generation with this offer. And no, that in itself isn’t any bad, at all! (the prices above are VAT-exclusive by the way) Maybe the company is struggling to make a mark on the younger crowd. But we’re not in days of old. If you gotta stay relevant in the market, you have factor-in the majority demographics. Ask yourself this, if you were in charge of selecting an ISP for the internet connection in your house, would this persuade you? Most likely not.

TVs with your internet was a decent offer, it made sense. You also got a free NETTV subscription as an added bonus. But a heater? Hmm… hold on a second here. Maybe Worldlink is onto something. Let me explain.

Are we overlooking something?

As I said before, the pricing of the offer isn’t entirely terrible. If one were to fully capitalize on the company’s offers of the past like the TV, you’d have to spend a hefty amount. That is certainly logical but only if you needed a new TV. On the contrary, if you’re not in the market for one, why even bother with the offer? However, the Heaternet doesn’t require you to pour in a ton of cash to benefit from the scheme. Pay a little more and you get a nifty little heater to keep you warm in this cold weather alongside other privileges.

“An inexpensive offer that most people can get behind.”

So yeah, maybe the offer isn’t that pointless after all. Although, other ISPs like Vianet and ClassicTech are coming up with even more outrageous offers with phones and subscription bonuses which are far more lucrative than that of Worldlink. The monthly bonus is absolutely terrific but what if I don’t need a phone; there’s no offer for me?


Gambling on a different marketing approach, the company is targeting inclusivity for the masses over a more lucrative offer which very few will benefit from. Anyways, I wish all the luck to them for the direction they’re heading towards. Also, if anyone from Worldlink is reading this, why does your website automatically refresh after a while to show the pop-up message? It totally ruins the user experience in my opinion.