Xiaomi launches AutoFull: A gaming chair based on the sports car design

xiaomi autofull gaming chair
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Although Xiaomi is renowned for its value for money smartphones, that’s not the only thing they produce. Xiaomi also brings electronics gadgets on time and often. We have already seen the company making electronics items like electric scooters, power banks, wearables, and so on. This time the company quite shifted their focus on a non-electronics gadget and launched Xiaomi AutoFull. AutoFull is a gaming chair targeted at the gaming populace with the focus on comfort and style.

Gaming on digital devices and over the internet is getting traction. And understanding the trend, China also officially recognized e-Sports as a profession. With the burgeoning gaming community, gaming accessories also happen to be in demand. And understanding the needs, Xiaomi recently brought the AutoFull gaming chair, which is meant to provide luxury to the users.

The chair comes with a sporty car design and comes with leather finishing to add a premium look. It has also been provided with a plentiful of cushions to ensure comfortability. Talking about the design, the chair comes with a shape of a front grille, which is usually found in the sports cars. It also features a long side curvature based on an ergonomic design concept to ensure contentment for the gamers. On the upper side, there is a headrest with a sizable lumber pillow. The pillow has been filled with a considerable amount of cushion so as relieve the neck pain of the gamers.

autofull gaming chair

As far as the seat cover is concerned, this gaming chair has incorporated a high-quality top layer cowhide, which won’t get torrid even after prolonged gaming. The seat is filled with 45D high-density cotton. This is to ensure that there will be uniformity of the layer of cushion all over the seat even after prolonged use. This is possible because of the high-density cotton, which uniformly distributes the hip pressure all over the seat.

Xiaomi AutoFull gaming chair is also furnished with 4D e-Sports armrests. The height of the chair can be adjusted pretty easily. On top of that, users can also adjust the backrest by shifting it to the front or back in a similar way of a sports car. The chair is movable and features soft PU wrapped silent rollers to make it move. With the PU wrapped silicon rollers, it does not leave any marks on the floor.

xiaomi autofull gaming chairs

The chair comes in grey, yellow and blue color option and demands a price of CNY 979 ($146) on the purchase.