5 Reasons NOT to Buy Oppo F1s

Oppo F1s
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When it comes to buying a phone, it is always the hardest to choose the right one. What happens with many of us is we buy first and think later. Usually, we buy a phone after seeing its advertisements on daily newspapers and ask the salesperson about the phone. He or she’s  the salesperson, they are there to sell so just avoid them. That’s the reason, we end up regretting and asking ourselves “Why did I even buy this phone?”. There are different ways of finding a right phone and the safest way is to first filter out the wrong ones. So, if you have a budget of around 30K and thinking about buying your next phone, here’s why you should buy any other phones but not the Oppo F1s.

5 Reasons NOT to buy Oppo F1s at Rs. 32,000

Though recently the Oppo F1s (4GB/64GB) is available at the same price the 3GB/32GB variant was available few months back, it still doesn’t make the device worth buying. Here are the 5 reasons you should not buy Oppo F1s in Nepal:

1. Lesser Display Resolution

Oppo F1s is a 5.5inch screen phone that comes with only 720p(HD) display giving the 267ppi which is not so impressive for a device in this price range. It’s the only device with HD screen in this price range. Yes, the display is pretty vibrant and everything but 30 thousand for just an HD screen phone? Well, that doesn’t just sound right.

2. Outdated OS

We have been hearing a lot about Oppo F1s getting an update but it never did and we think, it never will. So, Oppo F1s boots on pretty outdated Android 5.1 Lollipop. So buying this phone you’ll be missing quite some tricks like “doze” mode and “Google Now on Tap”. If latest android is what you want on your phone, then you should check Android One GM 5plus that runs on pure Android Nougat and comes at just 25,000.

3. Not so powerful Chipset

A Phone is all about performance and performance is defined by the processor used in it. So, can you expect powerful performance from a chipset like MediaTek MT6750 that falls short when compared to processors like Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 and Qualcomm SnapDragon 652 that power OnePlus 2 and Coolpad Cool 1 Dual.

4. Really a Camera Phone?

The cameras look pretty good in numbers and on paper but when used they are not so exceptional. The 16megapixel selfie unit on the front doesn’t have an autofocus but a fixed focus. If you’re giving a phone the title “Selfie Expert” but don’t use a unit with autofocus then that will just not gonna work out. Coming to the rear camera, it’s a 13MP unit with no OIS that doesn’t even shoot a 4K video. So for a phone to be true Camera Phone we want it to offer something more, something extra and Oppo F1s failed to impress us here too.

5. Lesser Value for Money

Now, when choosing the best phone what we do is compare and comparing Oppo F1s with phones in similar price range, the phone is found offering less and asking more. Oppo F1s doesn’t have a gyro sensor and dual band WiFi module. Even just on doing Specs-to-Specs comparison the phone is far away from good value for money. The phone with lower display resolution, lesser powerful chipset and outdated OS with not so innovative UI is simply a “lesser value for your money”.


We made this decision after using the phone for 15days. And, it is truly our personal opinion. You may anytime agree to disagree. But, the facts are always there to stay.