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OnePlus Mobile Price List

Here’s the list of all the OnePlus Mobile phones alongside their Prices in Nepal. OnePlus is the sister company of OPPO, which itself falls under the BBK Electronics Corporation. The company was spotlighted for its very first product—the OnePlus One. It even earned the nickname “flagship killer” for its incredible value for money. But in the past few years, OnePlus has failed to replicate its glory days. As the price of its phones has steadily crept up to the industry standard, the company has been unable to match the overall value of competing flagships. So to strengthen the camera capabilities of its smartphones, OnePlus spent $150 million in partnership with Hasselblad back in 2021. As of yet, Hasselblad’s contribution to this collaboration has been on the color-tuning side of things. Besides the updated price, you will also find the specifications and overview of all OnePlus mobile phones in this list.

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OnePlus: Brand Overview

OnePlus is a premium Chinese consumer electronics brand founded in 2013 by Peter Lau and Carl Pei. The founders aimed to sell high-quality smartphones at a lower price than competitors, expecting users to "Never Settle" for inferior devices from other brands. As such, OnePlus launched its first device "OnePlusOne" which quickly garnered global fame as "the flagship killer". It was one of the first Chinese smartphones to break through with Western media at that time. People loved what OnePlus had to offer with flagship-grade specs at such an affordable price.

OnePlus in Nepal

OnePlus sells its Flagship Number Series Smartphones alongside the Nord Series via Smart Talk and Kratos which are the 2 authorized distributors in Nepal. With a strong distribution network and customer service points, both distributors ensure a seamless experience for customers. Moreover, OnePlus phones can be purchased via popular online platforms like Daraz and Hukut Store.

OnePlus Number Series

OnePlus sells both premium midrange as well as flagship phones under the Number Series. A new OnePlus device often has the standard variant, the more affordable T variant, and the flagship Pro variant. These OnePlus devices have great displays, excellent cameras, reliable battery backup, and super fast performance. Though OnePlus devices are reasonably priced, many hardcore fans are disappointed by their transition from 'flagship killers' to just another 'flagship' device.

OnePlus Nord Series

But OnePlus also sells mid-ranger smartphones as Nord devices. Generally, these have slower processors, build compromises, and sub-flagship cameras. But what they lack in those departments, they make up for in a fluid user experience, and fast charging speeds. They are all-around great smartphones with OnePlus's minimal OxygenOS and distinct designs.

OnePlus Service Centers in Nepal

As mentioned before, Smart Talk and Kratos are official distributors of OnePlus products in Nepal. If there are any queries regarding the service or product not working properly, you can contact them at 01-4286626. There are some pickup points where people can get their OnePlus phones repaired. Some of the contacts associated with OnePlus service centres:
  • CTC Mall, Kathmandu 44600 Contact:01-4286626

OnePlus in Nepal: Conclusion

OnePlus has gained significant traction as a popular choice among Nepali consumers. Its commitment to offering affordable yet feature-rich smartphones has positioned the brand as a key player in the market, catering to the diverse needs of customers. While primarily focused on midrange options with its Nord releases, OnePlus devices exude a touch of sophistication, giving them a premium appeal. The availability of OnePlus products through reputable online platforms like Daraz and Hukut further enhances accessibility for Nepali customers.