How to use Google Search effectively

Today on How to section, we are discussing the ways of using Google Search effectively. Google Search is pretty good at finding what you...

How to Make Your Android Perform Faster?

It’s really hard to believe that your several thousands worth of phone is acting weird-takes longer time to start an app and sometimes it...

How to Hide Android Root Status On Per-App Basis?

In our previous article on section “How To”, we have described the ways of rooting and must have apps for an Android device. So,...

5 Must Have Apps for Rooted Android Devices

In our previous article, we discussed the ways of rooting Android devices. The article won’t become complete if we don’t discuss the must-have apps...

Everything You Need To Know About Rooting an Android Device

Hello our dearest technology lovers, we are so happy to tell you that from today we are introducing a separate column “HOW TO.” In...

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