Samsung announces second-gen Security Element S3FV9RR security chip

Samsung S3FV9RR announced security element chip SE
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Smartphones have become an integral part of our life, which we use for many aspects of our life. And in the process, we trust our smartphones with personal information and financial transactions. So, our smartphones must be well protected. In a bid to achieve this, Samsung has announced the second-gen S3FV9RR security chip. It is a Security Element chip that will secure your smartphones and tablets.

Samsung Security Element (SE) S3FV9RR Overview

Security Level

Samsung introduced its first SE Chip in February in the form of S3FK250AF. It had CC EAL 5+ certification and it was used in this year’s S20 lineup. CC EAL stands for Common Criteria Evaluation Assurance Level. It is a standard to evaluate security layers in a product. The certification categorizes products from EAL 0 to EAL 7, with the latter being the most secure system. With an EAL 6+ system, Samsung claims that the S3FV9RR is the most secure mobile security chip in the world.

Samsung S3FV9RR standalone package security mobile chip


The new chip works independently of the central processor. It secures booting, isolated storage, mobile payment and has twice the storage of its predecessor. Other feature includes hardware-based RoT (Root of Trust), secure boot, and device authentication. The RoT ensures the booting process is well protected. It prevents external attacks and malicious upgrades.

Samsung has also claimed that it meets requirements for cryptographic operations outlined by an upcoming mobile OS. We believe it is Android 11.


Samsung is advertising the new SE as a standalone turnkey security solutions. What it means, is that any manufacturer can use it in their products.

Samsung S3FV9RR standalone package

The chip won’t be for everyone. We will most likely see it in flagship-grade smartphones. Also, it won’t be exclusive to smartphones and tablets. Manufacturers can use it int e-passports and hardware wallets.

Samsung S3FV9RR Launch & Availability

Samsung S3FV9RR will be available in the third quarter (Q3) of 2020. We might see flagship devices with the new chip at the end of the year. Samsung might even use it in the upcoming Note 20 series.