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TikTok AI avatars launching soon

TikTok will soon let you create AI-generated profile pictures

As per a recent leak on Twitter, AI avatars may soon be coming to TikTok. Matt Navarra, who is a social media consultant, spoke...
Instagram announces Reels TikTok short video

Instagram launches its own short-video feature called “Reels” amidst US-TikTok controversy

Amidst the ongoing controversy between ByteDance's Tiktok and Trump's government, Instagram has announced Reels. It is Instagram's take on TikTok's short video recording/sharing feature....

TikTok facing another banhammer: This time, in the US!

TikTok, the ultra-famous short video sharing platform, is once again making headlines. Trump's government in the US has suggested that it would ban Tiktok...
Youtube announces short video feature

YouTube to counter TikTok with its own Short Video Feature

Remember the YouTube vs TikTok controversy? It was among the most talked-about topics in South Asia a few weeks ago. It showcased the differences...
tiktok parent company bytedance is making a smartphone

TikTok’s parent company ByteDance is reportedly making a smartphone

When it comes to smartphone sales and smartphone market share, Chinese companies are doing remarkably well. And that success story might have inspired ByteDance....