US house passes a bill that could ultimately ban TikTok

Tiktok Ban in US
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After a resounding vote in the ‘House of Representatives’ for a bill that could potentially ban TikTok, all eyes are set on the topic. Let’s dive a bit deeper into discussing more about this news regarding a potential Tiktok ban in the US.

TikTok Ban in US: Oveview

House Passage Signals Potential TikTok Ban

The bill in question dubbed the Protecting Americans from Foreign Adversary Controlled Applications Act, gained overwhelming support in the House, prompting US President Joe Biden to pledge his readiness to sign it should it pass through both chambers of Congress.

United states House

Why does the US want to ban TikTok?

Intelligence leaders are sounding the alarm about TikTok’s potential as a tool for the Chinese government to meddle in US politics, warning of its capability to disrupt American democracy. Recent “reports” indicate that China’s government targeted both Democrat and Republican candidates in the lead-up to the 2022 midterm elections, raising worries that similar tactics could be deployed in the forthcoming presidential race. Under China’s security laws, ByteDance, the parent company of TikTok, could be compelled to hand over US user data to the Chinese government for intelligence purposes, despite TikTok’s claims of never sharing such data. Additionally, new legislation grants the president the authority to label other apps as national security threats if they are controlled by countries seen as adversarial to the US.

China control over tiktok

But is that it?

Well, people have speculated that the motive behind the ban is more than the eye meets. The growing dominance of TikTok signifies a threat to the global media monopoly imposed by the US. As media has been one of the most effective tools to spread American propaganda for decades. TikTok has now become one of the major platforms for Israel-Palestine war discussions and a large hub for political dialogues in general. As the US has been a proponent of Israel, the masses have now become more skeptical of such moves.

And…about the Senate

However, the Senate presents a different set of challenges. Unlike the House, where the bill swiftly gained traction, the Senate is yet to introduce a companion bill. Senate rules, which require 60 out of 100 members’ support to advance legislation, could pose a hurdle. Notably, any senator can delay the progress of the bill, potentially leading to a prolonged debate.

Senator Rand Paul from Kentucky has hinted at his willingness to obstruct the bill, citing concerns over constitutional violations and the protection of First Amendment rights. His stance underscores potential opposition that the bill might face in the Senate.

Past Legal Battles

Past attempts to regulate TikTok, such as the RESTRICT Act introduced in the Senate last year, highlight the complexities involved. Despite initial enthusiasm, the bill eventually lost momentum amid criticism and failed to progress through the chamber. The history of legal battles suggests that the fate of TikTok in the US could be subject to prolonged deliberations and lobbying efforts.

TikTok Ban in the US: Conclusion

TikTok ban in the US would mean significant changes in geopolitical situations. Moreover, there are hundreds of millions of users in the US alone, and TikTok has been instrumental in impacting people’s lives all around the world, including the US. So let’s see what holds up for TikTok in the coming weeks.

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