Are flip phones still a good choice?

The previously popular flip phones are making a comeback. So are they still a good choice?

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This year, many manufacturers are coming with or have already come up with flip phones.  Yes, we can say that flip phones are making a comeback.

The users you ask? No, they are not grandparents or children. Celebrities, executives of different organizations and other officials use flip phones because of the growing privacy issues in smartphones. Plus, they probably like to talk rather than text.

These days, many people use smartphones. They are with us everywhere we go. Our important files, documents, and pictures are all saved in our smartphones. Now think what might happen if someone hacks into our smartphones and publicize everything. Yes, that’s the reason why people are switching to flip phones.

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Not only that, flip phones are budget-friendly devices with great battery life and durability. You could drop it anywhere, on the floor or into a pool of water, and it could probably survive that easily. They are miles ahead of the smartphones of today in the ‘strength’ department.

And now, these flip phones are getting smarter too. Take a look at Samsung Galaxy Folder 2. It’s a flip phone that will have Android 6.0 Marshmallow out of the box with 8GB of onboard storage and a whopping 2GB of RAM. It will house the Snapdragon 425 chip with a quad-core 1.4GHz processor. The phone has a decent camera with an 8MP rear camera shooter and a 5MP front camera. It has been rumored that the phone might feature 128GB of external storage. It will run on 2000mAH of battery. Samsung has however not specified the release date of the device.

If leaks are to be believed, the Samsung Galaxy Folder 2 is a great flip phone.
If leaks are to be believed, the Samsung Galaxy Folder 2 is a great flip phone.

Flip phones might never be as popular as they were before, or become our first choice device. But it’s safe to say that it still has a future, and manufacturers will continue to make the device more powerful as the years pass. And the to-be launched Samsung Galaxy Folder 2 proves my point.