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Why should this brand come to Nepal?

Nepali technology market is booming at an alarming rate and it is good to see that mobile market is one of the top sectors....
phones in nepal

Now is the worst time to buy a smartphone

When it's time for buying a new phone, even I find it really hard to decide when is the right time. But, what is...

The Selfie-Paradox: People hate looking at other people’s selfies but like posting their own

Taking selfies - an act I hate doing. Yet, if you take a look at my gallery, you'll probably find a few selfies I...
smartphone effects brain study research 2017

Your smartphone is seriously damaging your brain – here’s How

Yes, you read that right! Constantly feeling the need to check your smartphone for every little ping or vibration, has a bulk of side...

What is VR and Why do you need it?

Have you ever wondered what if you can be the game as the main character? What it feels like to be in places you...
microSD card

How to find the right microSD card for your phone

One of the perks of preferring Android over iOS is definitely the option to have a removable storage. Right from the first Android device, HTC...

Internet Service Providers in Nepal – the illusion of choices

The necessity of the Internet has climbed a steep curve in recent years. Most of the households have an Internet connection, at least in...

iPhones and Apple devices? No thanks

Apple released the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus last month amid massive fanfare, and a misdirected and deceptive attention. The company has again...

People who take selfies: narcissists, lonely and psychopaths

'But first, let me take a selfie.' You probably hear this every day, or even say it yourself right before the holy act of...

Overcharging: Does it destroy your smartphone’s battery?

If you change your phone every two years or so, you don’t need to worry about the topic I am going to discuss. Many of...

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