How to activate international roaming in Ncell? Learn it here

How to Activate International Roaming in Ncell
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Roaming becomes quite an important thing when you are traveling to a foreign country. It allows you to use your domestic SIM abroad. So, you can take and receive calls plus messages on your SIM even when you’re outside of your home country. Both telcos in Nepal: NTC and Ncell offer international roaming services. This article will focus on all about how to activate international roaming in Ncell.

How to Activate International Roaming in Ncell?

How does Roaming work?

Well, roaming basically works by connecting to a local carrier network of the foreign country you’re in. For international roaming, carriers sign an agreement to facilitate each other’s use of their network. For example, when you activate roaming in Ncell, it will use Airtel’s mobile network when you are in India. Plus, you also need to activate roaming data options on your smartphone in order to use data connection.

Data Roaming Settings

Activate International Roaming in Ncell

Ncell’s roaming service is activated by default for other countries except for India. So, the following steps are only required if you are traveling to India.

  • You can go to your phone’s dialer and then, dial *17129# and press 1.
  • You can also use the Ncell app, go to the roaming tab, and activate the service.


Ncell Roaming Packs

As roaming can be very costly, it’s always better to take roaming packs for data, voice, and SMS. Ncell currently offers four roaming packs.

Ncell Roaming Packages Features Validity Tariff
Daily Data Roaming Pack
  • Data pack for UAE, Qatar, and USA for NPR 79.88 per day.
  • Data pack for India, Thailand, China, UK, Malaysia, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Indonesia, and Cambodia at NPR 190.18. 
1 day NPR 1 for activation and respective tariff as per the countries.
Border Roaming Pack
  • 500MB Data for India, China, and Bangladesh for NPR 100.
  • Discounted calls rate for India: NPR 16.48/min for calls to India and all incoming calls.
  • SMS at NPR 16.48
1 day NPR 100
Daily Voice & SMS  Roaming Pack
  • 25 minutes of outgoing calls to Nepal
  • 25 minutes of incoming calls from respective roaming country 
  • 25 units of outgoing SMS
1 day NPR 450
Weekly Voice & SMS Roaming Pack
  • 45 minutes of outgoing calls to Nepal
  • 45 minutes of incoming calls from respective roaming country 
  • 30 units of outgoing SMS
7 days NPR 1,250

How to Buy Ncell Roaming Packs?

You can buy Ncell Roaming Packs by various measures as follows:

  • Dial *17129# and choose your desired roaming pack
  • You can also use the Ncell App, click on the Buy Packs option, and scroll towards the Roaming section.
  • Or else, you can also opt the digital wallets like Khalti/eSewa, go to Top Up, Ncell Roaming, and then buy packs.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on Ncell Roaming

How to know if you are connected to Ncell International Roaming?

Your device should automatically connect to a local network of your traveling country or else, just restart your phone and you’ll see an “R” icon on the network bar.

What is the charge for Ncell Roaming Activation?

The activation charge for Ncell roaming is free.

How to buy Roaming Packs in Ncell?

You can buy roaming packs in Ncell by dialing *17129# or using the Ncell app.

How to make calls while roaming?

You can make calls by dialing the country code such as +977 for Nepal and +91 for India.

Are incoming calls free on roaming?

No, incoming calls are not free while roaming, it will take charges from your main balance or roaming pack.

How to check the balance and remaining volume while roaming in Ncell?

You can dial *901# or *101# to check your mobile balance and remaining volume while roaming in Ncell.