Ncell Data Packs: Price, Volume & Validity Period [Updated 2020]

Ncell Data packs price detail internet packages plans validity volume 4G

Ncell is the second-largest telecom service provider in Nepal and has excellent network coverage throughout the country. More importantly, Nepal’s governing telecommunication authority NTA’s test declared that Ncell has the fastest mobile internet among other telcos. So, if speed and accessibility are of the essence to you, Ncell is the one to go for. And in this article, we will be taking a look at all the data packs or internet packages that Ncell has to offer in detail; including price, volume, and validity period. All the prices on the list are inclusive of taxes.

How to activate internet settings in Ncell?

There used to be a time when activating the internet on your phone used to be a hassle. But those days are long gone. At present, almost all of the SIM cards come internet-enabled. But if you encounter any problem, you can manually activate internet in your Ncell SIM by going through any the following steps:

  • Type ‘A’ and send a text message to 900224
  • Dial 900 and follow the instructions provided
  • Run *100# USDD code and follow the instruction

For Ncell’s internet settings, type ‘ALL’ and send a text message to 9595.

Ncell Pay As You GO (Ncell PAYG)

Ncell PAYG, as the name implies, is when you turn on your data without subscribing to any data packs. The normal rate of data is Rs. 2 per 1MB. However, Ncell is providing bonus data relative to the balance you spent surfing the internet. For eg, you will receive 2MB bonus data if you spend Rs. 2, and its bonus goes on increasing from there. Basically, you are getting 2MB bonus data for the first 1MB spent as Ncell charges Rs. 2 per MB.

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Balance Spent on Data Ncell PAYG Bonus
Rs. 2 2MB
Rs. 5 2MB + 5MB
Rs. 10 2MB + 5MB + 10MB
Rs. 20 2MB + 5MB + 10MB + 20MB

After you have spent over Rs. 20, you will get 20MB for every Rs. 10 spent. The spend is calculated on weekly basis starting from Sunday till Saturday.

Ncell Data Packs: Volume, Price & Validity

1. Ncell Mobile Class Pack

Ncell Mobile Class Pack is here for all the students who are missing out on online classes. Under this scheme, you will get 10GB of data for Microsoft Teams, 4GB of all-time data, and 2GB of Data for video streaming services (Youtube) and Google services. The plan will cost you Rs. 191.54, and it will be valid for seven days. Still, we believe it would have been better if the 10GB data could also be used for Zoom and Google Meet as these are the most popular platforms for online classes.

Ncell Data Pack (Internet packages) Activation method Data Volume Price Validity
Mobile Class
  • Dial *17123#20#
  • Type ‘EDU’ and send it to 17123
  • 10GB for Microsoft Teams
  • 4GB All-time data
  • 2GB for videos (YouTube,iflix) & Google services
Rs 191.54 7 days

2. Unlimited 1-hour pack

If you are stuck on a place without internet, Ncell’s unlimited 1-hour pack could come handy. You can subscribe to it by dialing *17123# and selecting 4 or by typing ‘U’ and sending it to 17123. Upon subscribing, you can use data without worrying about the volume for the next 60 minutes. You can use the internet throughout the validity period, but you will face significant differences in the speed once you consume over 1GB of data.

Ncell Data Pack (Internet packages) Activation method Price Validity
Ncell 1 Hour unlimited
  • Dial *17123#
Rs 22.60 1 Hour from activation

3. Ncell 3X on 4G Data Plans 

As the name implies, you get three times the data that you would have gotten on before the introduction of these data plans. Buy a data volume of a certain volume and you will receive an equal volume of 4G and Night data as a bonus.

All-time data Night Data 4G Data Total Volume Price Validity
35MB 35MB(11 PM-6 AM) 35MB 105MB Rs 11.49 1 day
75MB 75MB(11 PM-6 AM) 75MB 225MB Rs 19.15 1 day
120MB 120MB(11 PM-6 AM) 120MB 360MB Rs 37.03 3 days
200MB 200MB(11 PM-6 AM) 200MB 600MB Rs 44.69 3 days
300MB 300MB(11 PM-6 AM) 300MB 900MB Rs 88.11 7 days
500MB 500MB(11 PM-6 AM) 500MB 1500MB Rs 95.77 7 days
1300MB 1300MB(11 PM-6 AM) 1300MB 3900MB Rs 343.49 30 days
3GB 3GB(11 PM-6 AM) 3GB 9GB Rs. 453.30 30 days

4. Ncell Always-On Data Plans

As the name implies, Ncell Always-On Data Plan can be used at any time of the day. This pack offers some bonus data that users can utilize between 11 PM to 11 AM.

Always-on data pack Activation method Data Volume Price Validity
1 day Dial *17123#
  • 250 MB all-time data
  • 750 MB bonus data (11 PM – 11 AM)
Rs. 25.54 1 day
3 days Dial *17123#
  • 600 MB all-time data
  • 1800 MB bonus data (11 PM – 11 AM)
Rs. 51.08 3 day

You can even opt for a plan that provides a “volume of data per day” for each day over the validity period.

Always-on data pack Activation method Data Volume Price Validity
7 days Dial *17123# 300 MB per day Rs. 97.04 1 day
30 days Dial *17123# 500 MB per day Rs. 489.05 30 day
30 days Dial *17123# 1200 MB per day Rs. 979.38 30 day

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5. Mero Plan

Mero Plan is a subscription-based service provided by Ncell, which not only offers attractive data packs but also bundles it with cheaper voice and SMS rates. As of now, there are 2 types of mero plans: Weekly and Monthly.

Weekly Mero Plan

Mero Plan –Weekly Plan Activation method Data Volume Ncell to Ncell call rates (per min) Price Validity
Plan 1 Dial *17123# 2GB Data Rs 1.28 Rs. 95.77 7 days
Plan 2 Dial *17123#
  • 4GB Data
  • Non-stop Youtube data (4G)
Rs 1.28 Rs. 127.69 7 days

Monthly Mero Plan

Mero Plan –Monthly Plan Activation method Data Volume Ncell to Ncell call rates (per min) Price Validity
Plan 1 Dial *302#
  • 1GB Data
  • 1GB Youtube Data
Rs 1.28 Rs. 254.10 30 days
Plan 2 Dial *302#
  • 3GB Data
  • 3GB Youtube Data
Rs 1.15 Rs. 381.79 30 days
Plan 3 Dial *302#
  • 6GB Data
  • 30GB Youtube/Facebook Data (1GB per Day)
Rs 1.02 Rs. 637.17 30 days
Plan 4 Dial *302#
  • 15GB Data
  • 45GB Youtube/Facebook Data
Rs 0.89 Rs. 1020.2


30 days
Plan 5 Dial *302#
  • 25GB Data
  • 60GB Youtube/Facebook Data
Rs 0.64 Rs. 1275.62 30 days

6. Ncell Data Packs with Video Offer

In addition to all-time data, this pack offers free video data for 1 hour for each day within the validity period. You also get an equal volume of night data as a bonus. The video data can be consumed while watching video content from YouTube, Ncell video portals, and even Google services such as Google Maps.

Validity Price All-time Volume Video (1hr/day) Nighttime Volume Total Volume
1 Day Rs. 49.80 750MB 1 Day 750MB 1.5GB
3 Days Rs. 126.41 2GB 3 Days 2GB 4GB
7 Days Rs. 254.10 4GB 7 Days 4GB 8GB
30 Days Rs. 1020.24 16GB 30 Days 16GB 32GB

7. Ncell Data Packs with 4G Offer

As the name implies, for every pack under this plan, you will get an equal volume of 4G data as a bonus. You will also get the same amount of Night data that you can use between 11 PM to 11 AM.

Validity Price Volume (all-time / 4G / night time) Total Volume
1 Day Rs. 11.49 35MB 105MB
1 Day Rs. 19.15 75GB 225MB
3 Days Rs. 37.03 120MB 360MB
3 Days Rs. 44.69 200MB 600MB
7 Days Rs. 88.11 300MB 900MB
7 Days Rs. 95.77 500MB 1500MB
30 Days Rs. 343.49 1300MB 3900MB
30 Days Rs. 453.30 3GB 9GB

8. Non-stop YouTube+

Under the Ncell, Non-stop YouTube+ data plan, users can enjoy non-stop YouTube data throughout for seven days. However, it is only applicable to 4G users. Users will also get 4GB data (all time). Ncell says that if the network fluctuates between 4G and 2G/3G, it will stop playing YouTube videos to avoid deduction from the main balance.

Non-stop YouTube+ Price Validity Subscription
Non-stop Youtube (4G) + 4GB All network data Rs. 127.69 7 day *17123*1#

Users can even purchase add-on data packs to make the experience even better. These add-on data packs come with separate price tags and provide volume for FaceBook and TikTok, based on the add-on you choose.

Add-on plans Price Validity Subscription
3500MB Facebook data (500MB data per day) Rs. 25.54 7 days *1415#
3500MB TikTok data (500MB data per day) Rs. 25.54 7 days *1415#