Microsoft Cortana Beta Leaked for Android

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Microsoft Cortana was creating a lot of hype with the promise to support for the android platform. Microsoft was set to launch the beta version of Cortana later this month, but an early beta version has been leaked on the internet.

Cortana is a very powerful digital assistance which is a clear competition for Google Now and Siri and is even better than them in some aspects. It looks just like the miniature version of Cortana from Widows 10 if you’ve been using it.


This is the beta version so a lot of features are missing from the official app including the “Hey Cortana” hot word to activate voice search. It can help you do almost every task that you do with Google Now like making reminders, taking notes, calling, scheduling stuff, location based news and many more.

Give Cortana a try and tell us how you feel.

Download Cortana: