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Best Portable Bluetooth Speakers under Rs. 10000 in Nepal

Best Bluetooth Speaker Nepal

If you are a party guy, music fan or you just love having cool tech stuff with you,  then you should definitely get a portable Bluetooth speaker. However, the problem is, good speakers are expensive. Nevertheless, you can still get some good portable speakers at relatively affordable price. In this post, you will find Top Bluetooth speakers available in the Nepali Market that cost less than Rs. 10,000.

If we missed any that is worthy on the list, please, let us know in the comments.

1Mi Portable Bluetooth Speaker (Rs. 2,299)

Mi Portable Bluetooth Speaker (available from xiaomi showrooms)

If you are looking for a small yet affordable Bluetooth Speaker, the Mi Portable Bluetooth speaker is the right choice. Weighing just 58 gms, it’s so tiny that it fits in the palm of your hand but nonetheless, produces loud and clear sound. Like with most of the cheap Bluetooth speaker, it also has mediocre bass. It has a decent battery backup of 4 hours.

Bluetooth Version: 4.0

2JBL Go (₨. 3,900)

JBL Go (available at Evostore)

This is one of the best cheapest Bluetooth speakers that you can buy here in Nepal. It has a rechargeable inbuilt battery that will last more than 4 hours. If you are planning to use it as a speakerphone, you will love the built-in noise and echo cancellation. Although it is a Bluetooth speaker, you can even use it with an audio cable. Design wise, if you ask me, it looks great and is available in eight different colors; but then beauty lies in the eye of the beholder. It weighs only 130g and fits easily on the hand so it is easy to carry around.

Bluetooth Version: 4.1

3Bluedio BS-3  (Rs. 4,625)

Bluedio BS-3 (available from

This speaker may look small but the sound is very loud. This is one of the budget Bluetooth speakers that can handle stronger bass (the reason why it was added to the list as a bonus). Bluedio BS-3 has an option for 3D sound effect with which you get a great stereo experience. The battery on this speaker has up to 5 hours of playback time. It weighs about 1 Kg which is a bit little heavy for a portable speaker.

Bluetooth Version: 4.1

4Braven 105 (Rs. 5,300)

Braven 105 (available from olizstore)

This is a small pocket-sized speaker which weighs about 180g. Despite being small, it is clear and loud. It is also IPX7 certified so it is water-resistance. The Braven 105 has an 800 mAh battery and according to the company, it can survive for 8 hours of playback time.

Bluetooth Version: 2.1

5MI Bluetooth Speaker (Rs. 5,499) 

MI Bluetooth Speaker (available for Xiaomi showrooms)

This speaker looks sleek and weighs 230g. It has a 1500mAh battery which gives you about 6 hours of playback time. If you are looking for a budget portable speaker with good bass, this is the one. The bass actually amplifies when you put it on a flat surface. The sound is clear and loud but will distort on highs.

Bluetooth Version: 4.0

6Allocacoc AudioCube (Rs. 7,900)

Allocacoc Audiocube (available from sastodeal)

As the name suggests, this speaker is cubical in shape. It is comparatively heavy for a portable device. It weighs 1300 grams. Despite being heavy, it looks premium with its hard polycarbonate case. This Allocacoc AudioCube has omnidirectional speakers so you will be getting a surround sound experience.  The sound is clear and loud. The bass you get in AudioCube is exceptional for the price range. Plus, this speaker gives 12 hours of playback time.

Bluetooth Version: 4.0

7JBL Clip 2  (Rs. 8,000)

JBL Clip 2 (available from Evostore)

This is my personal favorite. JBL Clip 2 is light (weighs 184g) but powerful. It is housed in rubberized plastic on the bottom and sturdy fabric on top. If you love hiking, this speaker has a strong carabiner attached to it. So, you can easily carry it around. It is also water-resistance. It has 730 mAh battery which will last up to 8 hours even in continuous use. The only downside of this speaker is its inability to handle the thick heavy bass.

Bluetooth Version: 4.2