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Anker Soundcore Liberty 4

4.6Expert Score

The Anker Soundcore Liberty 4 is a wireless earbud with CloudComfort ear tips and a stem design. It features dual dynamic drivers, the ACAA 3.0 Coaxial Acoustic System, and supports the LDAC codec for Hi-Res audio. The earbuds also have six microphones for ANC and ENC, enhancing call quality. They also have Spatial Audio for 360° immersion and Dynamic Head Tracking for realism. The Liberty 4 also supports heart rate tracking, allowing users to monitor their heart rate without interruption.

Starting Price  19,999





Ingress Protection




Noise Cancellation



Up to 9 hours

Anker Soundcore Liberty 4 Overview:


Anker’s Soundcore Liberty Liberty 4 comes with CloudComfort ear tips intended for a secure fit. It features a stem design, returning it from the Liberty 2 Pro. Further, it has a squeeze control that works just like pinching in Nothing Ear (1) or Ear (2).

Anker Soundcore Liberty 4 Ear Tips

Moreover, as for the case, the lid uses a sliding mechanism for opening and closing. Additionally, it is available in four different colors: Midnight Black, Cloud White, Sky Blue, and Nova Red.

Audio Performance

The Liberty 4 brings dual dynamic drivers, the first TWS to feature them alongside the stem. It upgrades the Liberty 3 Pro with the ACAA 3.0 Coaxial Acoustic System. Indeed, the earbuds continue to support the LDAC codec for Hi-Res audio.

Anker Soundcore Liberty 4 Sound

Similarly, Soundcore provides HearID for personalized active noise cancellation. And yes, these earbuds feature six microphones, three on each earbud for ANC. Additionally, the call quality is emphasized, all thanks to the ENC algorithm embedded inside.

Similar to the AirPods Pro or even the AirPods 3, the Liberty 4 comes equipped with Spatial Audio for 360° immersion. Furthermore, Dynamic Head Tracking gives immersion an additional layer of realism by accurately tracking the movement of your head in real-time.

Anker Soundcore Liberty 4 Spatial Audio

Heart Rate Tracking

It’s not a new idea to monitor heart rate with wireless earphones, but it’s uncommon to find earbuds like the Liberty 4 that can do it. The heart rate tracking works well with the wellness function in the Soundcore app, making it easy to monitor the data without any interruptions.

Battery life and Charging

The Liberty 4 provides different battery life depending on how it’s used and its features. It can play for up to 9 hours on a full charge during regular usage. However, if you enable spatial audio mode, the battery life decreases to 5 hours. Additionally, if LDAC mode is used without noise cancellation, it offers 6 hours of battery life.

Anker Soundcore Liberty 4 Battery

When using only the ANC feature, these earbuds can last for up to 7 hours on a single charge. The included charging case even provides additional hours. In normal circumstances, the cell can fuel for up to 28 hours in Liberty 4 before needing to recharge.
Moreover, the charging case can rapidly charge the earbuds, giving you 3 hours of playback with just 15 minutes of charging time. You have options to use either a USB-C cable or a wireless dock to refuel it.

Anker SoundCore Liberty 4 Price

Anker TWS Price in Nepal
SoundCore Liberty 4 NPR 19,999

Anker Soundcore Liberty 4 Specifications Compare

Earbuds: Unspecified
Case: Unspecified
IP Rating
Earbuds: No
Case: No
Colors Black
Co-axial dual drivers/ ACAA 3.0
Microphone (per buds) 3
Active Noise Cancellation Yes
Others HearID, Spatial Audio, 3D Surround Sound, Transparency Mode, Noise Reduction
Bluetooth 5.3
Companion App Soundcore App
Earbuds Up to 9 hours
Case Up to 19 hours
Charging USB-C
Features Squeeze Controls, Heart Rate Tracking