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Huawei FreeBuds 5

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Huawei FreeBuds 5 comes with earbuds with a unique stem inspired by “Rupert’s Tears.” It weighs 5.4 grams and has an IP54 rating, making it less susceptible to water drops and dust. The buds feature 11mm drivers with dual magnetic circuit architecture, allowing them to reach frequencies as low as 16 Hz and 30% more sensitive to bass. They also support LDAC and L2DC codecs and have three microphones that help ANC adapt to the user’s surroundings. The buds pair using Bluetooth 5.2, and the Huawei AI Life app.

Starting Price  24,990


Half in-ear


5.4 gm


11 mm

Noise Cancellation



42 mAh

Ingress Protection

IP54 (earbuds)

Huawei FreeBuds 5 Overview:

Here’s a brief synopsis of the Huawei FreeBuds 5:


The company is trying to do something different here. This TWS has a different type of stem, or should I call it a curve? Huawei claims that the look is a clear inspiration from “Rupert’s Tears.” This kinda reminds me of the Galaxy Beans, aka Buds Live. However, it is completely different, as the Beans fit fully inside your ear’s shape. But this, the FreeBuds 5, hangs down at the bottom.

Huawei FreeBuds 5 Design

Even with the shape that it has, the Freebuds 5 weighs just around 5.4 grams each. Similarly, there is an IP54 rating provided for buds, meaning water “drops” and dust are a little less of a factor in the buds’ damage. They are available in three different colors: Ceramic White, Coral Orange, and Frost Silver.


Inside are the 11mm drivers that go along with a dual magnetic circuit architecture. This allows these earbuds to reach frequencies as low as 16 Hz and is also 30% more sensitive to the bass. Plus, by boosting airflow while lowering the diaphragm’s resistance during vibrations, Freebuds 5 claims to achieve even more punch in its bass.

Not only that, the FreeBuds 5 ships with LDAC codec support, plus their own L2DC codec. With the FreeBuds series, it looks like Huawei is trying to make open-fit ANC a thing, and this time, they have come up with a 3rd iteration for that.

With three microphones, these pair of earbuds are able to adapt to your surroundings. Not just the surroundings, but the TWS also takes into account the fit and the ambient noise. The same microphone setup, combined with a deep neural network, is used for call noise cancellation.


As for the battery, Huawei’s FreeBuds 5 is fueled by a 42mAh battery. Without the ANC, the buds can get up to 5 hours. And with the noise-canceling enabled, these can endure around 3.5 hours. Similarly, with the 505 mAh battery in the case, the persistence can go up to 30 hours (w/o ANC) and 20 hours (with ANC).


Other than that, FreeBuds 5 pairs using Bluetooth 5.2. The Huawei AI Life app serves all sorts of toggles like noise cancellation, wear detection, gestures, etc. Moreover, you can upgrade the buds’ software and even find the buds by ringing them using the app.

Huawei FreeBuds 5 Price

Huawei TWS Price in Nepal
Huawei FreeBuds 5 NPR 24,990

Huawei FreeBuds 5 Specifications Compare

Earbuds: 5.4 g
Case: 43 g
IP Rating
Earbuds: IP54
Case: No
Colors Ceramic White, Silver Frost, Coral Orange
11 mm
Microphone 3
Active Noise Cancellation Yes
Others Low Latency Mode, Surroundings Mode
Bluetooth 5.2
Companion App No
Earbuds Up to 3.5/5 hours (ANC on/off)
Case Up to 20/30 hours (ANC on/off)
Charging USB-C
Features Touch Control