Samsung Galaxy A60/A80 launching soon in India, will launch in Nepal as well

samsung galaxy a60
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Samsung has launched a variety of midrange smartphones this year. With their new A-series and M-series smartphones’ lineup, Samsung has quite handsomely populated the midrange territory. Amongst all the smartphones launched so far, not all of the handsets are available for purchase in India. Since India is a leading smartphone superpower, Samsung wouldn’t want to lose a land of 1.3 billion population. And a new teaser leak supports the statement. The leaked teaser hints that the smartphone giant seems to be striding to launch a new phone in India.

A new poster with Samsung branding came into limelight, which originated from the Twitter account of an Indian tipster Sudhanshu Ambhore (@Sudhanshu1414). The tipster claims that the poster is a teaser, which Samsung seems to be working on to announce a new upcoming phone in India. The teaser contains the text “#OMG” followed by “Coming Soon” right below it. In the #OMG, the “O” is highlighted with a slight green accent, where the rest of the texts are plain white. From this subtle design, we draw a conclusion that the upcoming Samsung smartphone in India would come with an Infinity-O display. Infinity-O is the fancy name for the displays with a punched-hole display like that on the flagship Galaxy S10 devices.

In the recent lineup of Samsung smartphones with Infinity-O display, there are two handsets yet to launch in India. The first one is the Samsung Galaxy A60, which was launched in China a few weeks back. There were rumors that the Samsung Galaxy A60 would be China exclusive phone. But with the teasers like this, we cannot be entirely sure about that.

Another possible option would be the Samsung Galaxy M40, which is yet to make an official debut. Nonetheless, the phone leaked on numerous occasions. Also, there were a fair number of speculations regarding its imminent launch in India. So that could also be another possible guess.

If we ignore the accented-O and focus on the rest of the text, we can deduce that Samsung is going to launch a phone in India, which could leave everyone awe-inspired. And among the vast list of Samsung phones, one of them is possibly the Galaxy A80. The A80 comes with a full-view display without any sorts of notches or punched-hole cutouts. It has a swiveling pop-up selfie camera, which can get everyone flabbergasted.

So what do you think? Which of the aforementioned device/devices is Samsung going to launch in India? Drop your thoughts in the comment section.