Samsung announces Galaxy J3 2018 and Galaxy J7 2018

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Samsung has been violently announcing and launching the smartphones these days. The smartphone giant has already launched a lot of handsets in the J-series lineup: Galaxy J2 2018, Galaxy J4, Galaxy J6, Galaxy J7 Duo, Galaxy J8 are the few new names in the lineup.  After all these launches, many of us were thinking Samsung has been all done in the mid-range section this year. Now, proving all of us wrong, Samsung announced two new handsets (again). The new handsets to be launched are the Samsung Galaxy J3 2018 and the Galaxy J7 2018, the successor to the J3 2017 and the Galaxy J7 2017 respectively.

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Samsung announced these handsets vaguely on its website. Samsung, via its website, has promised sharp displays, great low-light cameras, expandable memory and a dependable battery life. However, when looked at the specs, the features on the handsets are not much of an upgrade over its predecessors.

samsung galaxy j3 2018
Samsung Galaxy J3 2018

The Samsung Galaxy J3 2018 comes with a 5.0-inch display, which features the HD resolution. Samsung has not quite spoken anything about the aspect ratio. So we might guess it to possess the traditional 16:9 aspect ratio. And the generous bezels on the forehead and the chin cues the same. J7 2018 also comes with the similar story: HD display and rich on bezels. But the distinguishing thing on the J7 2018 is the tall 5.5-inch display. Samsung has not divulged anything regarding the display material, but we can expect it to be Super AMOLED panels as the last generation J3 and J7 had Super AMOLED displays.

Samsung Galaxy J7 2018 Display
Samsung Galaxy J7 2018 Display

In terms of camera, the J3 2018 comes with an 8MP (f/1.9) camera at the back and 5MP (f/2.2) up front. The rear camera is low on megapixel count when compared to its predecessor as the J3 2017 had a 13MP rear camera with the same size of the aperture (f/1.9). But Samsung has promised crispier images and great low light shots from this new handset. So we can expect something positive from this newbie.

samsung galaxy j3 2018 | samsung galaxy j7 2018

And talking about the camera on the J7 2018, it is the same setup when looked at the number. The rear camera on the device comes with the 13MP sensor and f/1.7 aperture. And there is another 13MP camera on the front. The selfie shooter comes with f/1.9 aperture. Both of these handsets will come with the Samsung Knox, the feature, which with Samsung boasts to provide defense-grade, multilayered protection.

“When it comes to smartphones, we know that one size doesn’t fit all. The Galaxy lineup is designed to give consumers the flexibility to choose the phone that best fits their needs,” said Justin Denison, senior vice president, Mobile Product Strategy and Marketing at Samsung Electronics America. “The J3 delivers high-quality features at a great price, and the J7 with its huge HD screen and amazing, advanced camera, is built for users who want more.”

When looked at the specs, there is nothing to get excited about the Samsung Galaxy J3 2018 and the J7 2018. It vaguely looks like the last year’s J3 and J7 just with the 2018 suffix. But since most of the features of the handsets are still under the veil, we cannot yet make a remark. Let’s hope the hooded features will cheer the Samsung fanbase and save us from disappointment.