Smart Data Packs: Price, Volume, & Validity Period [December 2020]

Smart Telecom Data Packs price volume validity internet plans rates
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Established in 2008, Smart Telecom ranks third in our list of best telecom service providers in Nepal. It provides 2G and 4G services in the country, while the latter is limited to mere 19 districts. Smart is known for its affordable internet plans. Today, we will be taking a look at all the data packs that Smart Telecom provides including the price, volume, and validity period.

Smart Internet Rates without Data Packs

If you aren’t subscribed to any data pack, Smart Telecom charges you Rs. 1.92 for every 1MB of data. The rate is uniform over both 2G and 4G networks.

Smart Data Packs: Volume, Price & Validity

1. Smart Recharge Pack

As a Smart user, you get a bonus with every recharge worth Rs. 100 or above. The bonus includes free 4G data packs, talk time, and SMS. It also increases with the recharge amount and so does its validity period. You can use the bonus talk time and bonus data to connect to your friends with different network providers.

Recharge amount Bonus Validity period
Rs. 100
  • 400MB 4G Data
  • 10 minutes talk time
  • 10 SMS
7 days
Rs. 200
  • 800MB 4G Data
  • 20 minutes talk time
  • 20 SMS
15 days
Rs. 500
  • 3GB 4G Data
  • 100 minutes talk time
  • 100 SMS
30 days
Rs. 1000
  • 6GB 4G Data
  • 200 minutes talk time
  • 200 SMS
30 days

2. Smart Weekly Combo Pack

Smart Weekly Combo Pack was brought during the ongoing pandemic to help users connect with their loved ones at affordable rates. Under this pack, users get 3GB of data and unlimited talk time within Smart networks for a price of Rs. 98.

Pack Name Volume Activation Price Validity
Smart Weekly Combo Data Pack
  • 3GB Data
  • Unlimited talk time within Smart network
*141*7*2*1# Rs. 98 7 days

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3. Smart Work From Home Pack

Like the previous one, Smart Work From Home Pack was also announced during the lockdown, to facilitate users who are having a hard time working from home. It is very helpful for students who are attending online classes from home. For just Rs. 382, you get 45GB of data with 30 days’ validity period. The catch is, you can only use the data between 6 AM and 6 PM.

Pack Name Volume Activation Price Validity
Smart Work From Home 45 GB Data (6 AM to 6 PM) *141*7*1*1# Rs 381.79 30 days

4. Smart Data Packs

When Smart decided to phase out its unlimited data packs, it did so by doubling the volume on its volume-based data packs as compensation. The Double Data pack offers double the volume than its predecessors offered but at the same price. Since then, Smart has made some changes to the packages and has been advertising it simply as Smart Data Packs.

Data Volume Activation Price Validity
100MB + 100MB *141*3*1*6# Rs. 11.49 1 day
500MB + 500MB *141*3*1*1# Rs. 37.03 1 day
1GB + 1GB *141*3*1*2# Rs. 88.11 7 days
1GB + 1GB *141*3*1*3# Rs. 113.64 15 days
2GB + 2GB *141*3*1*4# Rs. 254.10 30 days
5GB + 5GB *141*3*1*5# Rs. 407.33 30 days
20GB *141*3*2*6# Rs. 509.48 30 days

5. Unlimited Night Pack

There is also an unlimited night pack for night owls out there. Upon subscription, users can access unlimited data starting from 11 PM to 6 AM the next day.

Pack Name Activation Price Validity
Unlimited Night Pack *141*3*3*1# Rs. 19 11 PM  – 6 AM

If we compare these rates to other telecom service providers in the country, we can see that Smart provides data at the cheapest rates. But are you satisfied with the quality of services? While its competitors provide unlimited packs with an hour of validity, Smart doesn’t have one. Personally, I would have liked a night data pack as well, which is rare these days in any network. Do share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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