NTC Data Packs: Price, Volume & Validity Period [December 2020]

NTC Data packs price internet packages plans 4g
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When it comes to telecom service providers, NTC (Nepal Telecom Corporation) is the oldest player in Nepal. Every now and then, NTC brings new data packs and internet offers to lure the young generation to its side. Today, we will be taking a look at the latest internet plans in detail and see if they are actually helpful.

NTC Internet Rate without Data Packs

Data packs are meant to make data consumption cheaper and more affordable. So, we should start with the normal rates NTC charges you for the internet without data packs. NTC charges Rs. 1 per MB (without taxes). The rate is uniform over all platforms (post-paid and pre-paid) and network type (GPRS, 3G, and 4G).

NTC Data Packs: Volume, Price, & Validity

1. NTC e-Shikshya Pack

e-Shikshya Pack is the latest offer from NTC amidst the lockdown caused by the COVID-19 outbreak. It is designed for students who are stuck at home and have to attend online classes. Teachers and faculty members are also eligible for this offer.

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For subscription, the educational institution needs to prepare a list of its students and teaching staff with their names and phone numbers and forward it to [email protected] for verification. Once you are verified, you will receive a message of confirmation from 1415. You can then dial *1415# to subscribe to the plan. Alternatively, the institution can also make the payment on behalf of the students and staff.

NTC e-Shikshyalaya PacksPriceValiditySubscription
6GB [3GB Allt Time + 3GB (5 AM – 10 AM)]Rs. 26028 days*1441#
15GB [9GB All Time + 6GB (5 AM – 10 AM)]Rs. 50028 days*1441#

2. Happy Learning Pack

It is another data plan introduced to ease the learning process in the time of this pandemic. Unlike, the e-Shikshya pack, you don’t need to verify yourself as a student or an educator to make use of this data pack. With this data pack, you can use e-learning applications like Zoom, Microsoft Teams, and Google Meet. A certain volume of data can be used in other applications but it forms only a small percentage of the overall data volume.

Happy  Learning PackPriceValiditySubscription
24GB [20GB for e-learning apps + 4GB for any applications]Rs. 31528 days*1441#
35GB [30GB for e-learning apps + 5GB for any applications]Rs. 50028 days*1441#

3. Stay Connected Pack

Stay Connected Pack is not targeted to any specific group and is available for every user. In this data pack, NTC promoting its 4G network by bundling 4G data plans with regular ones. There are two options under the Stay Connected Pack with varying volume and validity period.

NTC Stay Connected PacksPriceValiditySubscription
1GB (All Network) + Bonus 3GB (4G)Rs. 1005 days*1415*10#
2GB (All Network) + Bonus 8GB (4G)Rs. 2007 days*1415*10#

4. 4G Offer

Upon purchasing a plan under the 4G Offer, users will get an equal volume of 4G data as a bonus. The bonus data can only be used within the 4G network. It’s a strategy to motivate 2G and 3G users to upgrade to 4G.

NTC 4G Data OfferPriceValiditySubscription
50MB + 50MB 4GRs. 151 day*1415*5#
200MB + 200MB 4GRs. 251 day*1415*5#
500MB + 500MB 4GRs. 1007 days*1415*5#
1.5GB + 1.5GB 4GRs. 26028 days*1415*5#

5. Day Data Pack

As the name implies, the day data packs are available only during the day time. To be more precise, you will have to use the entire volume pack between 6 AM to 6 PM. Unfortunately, this data pack comes with the validity of only 24 hours.

NTC Day Data PacksPriceValiditySubscription
120MB (6 AM to 6 PM)Rs. 101 day*1415*9#
250MB (6 AM to 6 PM)Rs. 151 day*1415*9#

6. Night Data Pack

While Ncell doesn’t have any separate night pack, NTC is still offering them to its users. You can use the Night Pack between 11 PM and 6 AM. NTC offers both volume-based and unlimited plans under the night pack. If you are thinking of using an unlimited plan, you should be aware that the speed is throttled to 256 kbps once you consume over 1GB per night.

NTC Night Data PackPriceValiditySubscription
Unlimited Night DataRs. 201 night (11 PM to 6 AM)*1415*3#

7. All-time Data Pack

Unlike both Night and Day Pack, the all-time data packs can be used at any time of the day. The cheapest plan costs Rs. 15 for 100MB. On the extreme end, you can subscribe to 60GB with 120 days validity for Rs. 3,000.

NTC All-time Data VolumePriceValiditySubscription
100MBRs. 151 day*1415#
250MBRs. 251 day*1415#
500MBRs. 603 days*1415#
800MBRs. 1007 days*1415#
2.5GBRs. 28028 days*1415#
7GBRs. 50028 days*1415#
16GBRs. 80028 days*1415#
30GBRs. 160060 days*1415#
60GBRs. 3000120 days*1415#

8. 1GB Per Day Data Pack

Under this pack, you will be offered 1GB of data every day throughout the validity period. And the maximum validity goes up to 4 weeks (28 days). This pack is best suited for someone who seeks uninterrupted data connectivity but doesn’t necessarily consume high bandwidth.

NTC 1GB Per Day Data PacksPriceValiditySubscription
1GBRs. 451 day*1415*7#
7GB (1GB per day) + 15min net voice per dayRs. 2507 days*1415*7#
28GB (1GB per day) + 15min net voice per dayRs. 85028 days*1415*7#

9. Social Media Pack

Why do you use the internet primarily for? I won’t be surprised if you say it’s mostly for social media. So, NTC has come up with data packs that can only be used to browse social media. You can use these plans on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and WhatsApp. However, you need to use the official apps of each social media platform.

Social Media Data PacksPriceValiditySubscription
200MBRs. 151 day*1415*2*1#
4GB All Time Data + 1GB/day Facebook +Youtube data for 7 daysRs. 1807 days*1415*2*2#
10GB All Time Data + 1GB/ day Facebook +YouTube  for 28 daysRs. 59928 days*1415*2*2#

10. Streaming Data Pack

If you are on data, video streaming can get really expensive. NTC has tried to bring that cost down with its Streaming Data Pack. It was a strategy by NTC to promote WOW TIME, which was a streaming app owned by NTC. However, with the app being discontinued NTC is slowly phasing out the plan. You can now use the plan to watch videos on Youtube.

NTC Streaming Data PacksPriceValiditySubscription
1GBRs. 251 day*1415#

11. Unlimited Offers

Previously, NTC offered only two unlimited offers – One hour pack and a Night unlimited pack. However, now the company has added unlimited Facebook and YouTube packs as well. You can also buy a separate add-on pack to add to these packs.

Unlimited PackPriceValiditySubscription
One-hour PackRs. 2060 min*1415*8#
Unlimited Night PackRs. 201 Night*1415*3#
Unlimited Facebook packRs. 553 days*1415*11#
Unlimited YouTube packRs. 553 days*1415*11#
1GB Facebook/YouTube PackRs. 153 daysApplicable to unlimited Facebook/YouTube pack

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