NTC Data Packs: Price, Volume & Validity Period [2024]

NTC Data packs price internet packages plans 4g
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When it comes to telecom service providers, NTC (Nepal Telecom Corporation) is the oldest player in Nepal. Every now and then, NTC brings new data packs and internet offers to lure the young generation to its side. Today, we will be taking a look at the latest NTC data packs in detail and see if they are actually helpful.

NTC Internet Rate without Data Packs

Data packs are meant to make data consumption cheaper and more affordable. So, we should start with the normal rates NTC charges you for the internet without data packs. NTC charges Rs. 1 per MB (without taxes). The rate is uniform over all platforms (post-paid and pre-paid) and network types (GPRS, 3G, and 4G).

How do you take NTC data packs?

  • Dial *1415# to check the latest data packages and offers.
  • Explore the different packages by dialing their respective extension number such as 1, 2, 3, 4 and so on.


NTC Data Packs: Volume, Price, & Validity

1. Spring Pack

If you didn’t know, NTC brings a seasonal package by the monikers: Spring, Autumn, and Winter. At the current moment, you can buy the spring data pack. Here, you can find multiple types of data packs as per the price and validity days.

NTC Spring Data Pack

All-time data pack

Data Volume Tariff Validity
500MB  Rs. 25 1 day
1GB Rs. 98 28 days
3GB Rs. 80 3 days
3GB Rs. 109 7 days
5GB Rs. 290 28 days
13GB Rs. 399 28 days
20GB Rs. 500 28 days
35GB Rs. 800 28 days
100GB Rs. 998 28 days

Recurring Data Pack

Type Data Volume Tariff  Validity
Recurring Data 700MB per day Rs. 299 28 days

    Unlimited FB/Youtube Data

    As the name hoes, this pack lets you use unlimited Facebook or YouTube depending upon the pack you buy. But do note, that turning on data will also allow other apps to use the pack and as a result, your main balance will get a hit. So, make sure to turn off background data for all other apps, before using, or better use a firewall app.

    Unlimited Pack Tariff  Validity
    Unlimited Facebook  Rs. 55 3 days
    Unlimited Youtube Rs. 55 3 days
    1.5GB Youtube Addon Rs. 15 3 days
    1.5GB Facebook Addon Rs. 15 3 days

    2, Prepaid Packs

    The prepaid NTC data packs are valid for 28 days. Under this scheme, you get three different packages here Sasto Combo, Sajilo Prepaid, and Sajilo Combo.

    Sasto Combo

    Prepaid Packs Voice + Data + SMS Tariff Validity
    Sasto Combo 150 minutes + 4GB + 20 minutes Rs. 299 28 days

      Sajilo Prepaid Combo

      Sajilo Prepaid Combo Tariff Validity
      1.5GB Unlimited Data (Speed throttle after using the 1.5GB package) Rs. 599 28 days
      Unlimited NT-NT voice pack + 150 minutes NT- Others +100SMS + 9GB  Rs. 636 28 days
      Unlimited All net voice pack + 150 SMS + 30GB  Rs. 799 28 days
      Unlimited All net voice pack + 200 SMS + 60GB  Rs. 999 28 days
      Unlimited All net voice pack + 350 SMS + 100GB Rs. 1,499 28 days
      Unlimited All net voice pack + 5000 SMS + 200GB Rs. 1,999 28 days

      Sajilo Combo

      Prepaid Packs Voice + Data + SMS Tariff Validity
      Sajilo Combo 15 minutes + 150MB + 15 SMS per day Rs. 199 28 days
      50 minutes + 500MB + 50 SMS per day Rs. 359 28 days
      70 minutes + 700MB + 70SMS per day Rs. 499 28 days
      100 minutes + 1GB + 100 SMS per day Rs. 699 28 days

        3. 4G Offer

        Upon purchasing a plan under the 4G Offer, users will get an equal volume of 4G data as a bonus. The bonus data can only be used within the 4G network. It’s a strategy to motivate 2G and 3G users to upgrade to 4G.

        4G Offer Tariff Validity
        200MB + 200MB Rs. 19 1 day
        600MB + 600MB Rs. 33 1 day
        2GB + 3GB Rs. 109 7 days
        3GB + 4GB Rs. 298 28 days