Subisu brings the “Offertunity” scheme to celebrate its 19th anniversary

Subisu Offertunity
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If you have noticed, the local ISPs have been crazy of late when it comes to their marketing campaigns. These lucrative campaigns are usually meant to attract new customers. Often users complain about companies neglecting them in their new offers.  While adding a customer is important, it is a more important task for any service provider to retain them. With their recent trends of offers, Subisu looks to be a company that is working on retaining its customers, while luring in new subscribers as well. Talking about Subisu, they are currently celebrating 19 years of establishment and have announced “Offertunity” on the occasion for their internet packages.

Subisu Internet: Offertunity

Subisu is a well-known ISP in Nepal. It is one of the leading Internet, Network and Television service providers. Recently, the company has completed 19 years of its establishment and to celebrate the occasion, it has announced a new offer named the “Subisu’s Offertunity”. Let’s take a look at what the company is offering.

Under the “Internet + Clear TV Offertunity”, existing Subisu subscribers can purchase the 25Mbps Internet with Clear TV’s Premium package (275+ channels, 95+ HD channels) for 15 months’ duration. This plan will cost Rs 15,600. Its Rs 1,040 per month if you do the maths. But if you’re new and are looking to subscribe to this scheme, you’ll have to bear additional cost for the ONU device and Clear TV’s Set-Top-Box (STB).

Similarly, the “Clear TV Offertunity” costs Rs 221 per month (245+ channels, 65+ HD channels). Including the STB, this package will cost Rs. 3536 for 14 months’ duration.

Mind you, all the prices mentioned above aren’t inclusive of VAT. So, an additional 13% VAT is in store.

Daami Music with Subisu's Offertunity

Along with this, users can also enjoy 3 months’ free premium subscription of Daami music. For those who are hearing the name for the first time, it is a music streaming app along with an integrated online radio service. Right now, it boasts of having over 20,000 Nepali songs to cater to.

If you are currently under any of the services provided by Subisu, you will certainly find this offer useful. An internet package with TV and music streaming subscription is unique in the Nepalese market, to say the least. It’s good to see that the company is pushing towards providing quality service for its existing as well as potential customers despite the catastrophe it suffered a couple of months ago.