Subisu Dashain Tihar offer: Internet and Clear TV Service for just Rs. 99

Subisu Dashain Tihar offer
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Vianet and Worldlink’s Dashain offer was definitely tempting. That was until we saw the offer from Subisu. For the upcoming festive season, Subisu has also brought Subisu Dashain Tihar offer. And the offer is definitely compelling. The Internet Service Provider is offering its Internet and Clear TV Service for a mere price Rs. 99.

Subisu Dashain Tihar offer

The current plan of Subisu costs Rs. 1,158, Rs. 1,358, and Rs. 2,058 per month respectively for its 30 Mbps, 40 Mbps, and 75 Mbps internet packages. But in this Dashain offer, you can connect the internet to your home and offices just for Rs. 99. And that too after the inclusion of VAT. So the deal really sounds lucrative. However, it should be noted that this offer is only available for the new subscribers. Existing customers still have to pay the price included on their old tariff plan.

Rs. 99 for a month of the internet is surely one heck of a deal. But one cannot simply take advantage of this offer by Rs. 99. New subscribers have to pay Rs. 1,327 as ONU Device Charge to use the internet services. So that makes a total of Rs. 1,415 (VAT excluded) for a month of internet and an ONU router. That’s still a great deal though. And what’s even interesting is that, despite the internet bandwidth (30 Mbps, 40 Mbps or 75 Mbps), you will just have to pay Rs. 1,415 for the ONU device, its installation and a month of internet.


It’s in the case of Clear TV as well. The TV service is also available for just Rs. 99 (VAT included), which originally used to cost Rs. 442 for the premium package. This service is also for new subscribers. And the new customers have to pay Rs. 1,327 extra for the Clear TV Set-Top Box. So just like the internet service, you will have to pay a total of Rs. 1,415 for a month of TV service. You can also subscribe to both of these services at once for Rs. 2,829.