Xiaomi Mi CC9: Rumored Up!

xiaomi cc
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Who doesn’t love rumors? Of upcoming smartphones, that is. And the rumors surrounding Xiaomi’s new smartphone lineup are fascinating, to say the least. Xiaomi is now going to launch its third smartphone in its MI lineup, dubbed CC. Strange name, if you ask me, but that CC stands for a number of things. And the first phone from that lineup will be called the Xiaomi Mi CC9, and it will debut with a lighter version, the Xiaomi Mi CC9e.

This comes after Xiaomi bought another mobile manufacturer, called Meitu last year. So, we were expecting some kind of new smartphones, but an entire lineup? Anyway, the CC9 will be focusing more on the aesthetics and camera aspects. So, needless to say, its target audience are the “cool” and “trendy” youngsters.

The intriguing thing is, while the CC in the name stands for Colorful and Creative, it can also mean a different number of things. Because even Xiaomi’s official photos teasing the devices show a lot of monikers. For instance, it can be Curious & Creative, Challenge & Carry on, Camera Clicks and so on… The phone is developed by the Chic and Cool 90 team, so, that is another full form in itself.

The Xiaomi CC series will feature two phones when it first comes out on July 2 – a Xiaomi CC9 and a lighter CC9e.

Xiaomi Mi CC9 and CC9e

One of the strangest names for a smartphone, the Xiaomi Mi CC9 (the ‘9’ stands for 9 years of the company), sounds like a very exciting device if we go by the rumors. Since the primary focus is the aesthetics and camera, maybe the phones won’t be very powerful. But some rumors suggest it might feature the new Snapdragon 730 chipset. Of course, as far as rumors go, other rumors suggest it will feature the flagship chip, Snapdragon 855! We’re all waiting to see about that. Other specs leaks suggest it will have a 6.39″ Full HD+ display, and a 4000 mAh battery.

xiaomi mi cc9

However, the sure shot thing is that the CC9 will come with a motorized flip camera, just like the ASUS Zenfone 6. The only difference is it will have triple cameras on it, and since it’s a flip camera, the selfie camera will be the same. The only photos that have leaked of the device are in the Prism White color, which looks very classy and cool! Hey… I got another full form of it! 😛

xiaomi mi cc9e

Anyway, the lighter variant, Xiaomi Mi CC9e will have the standard phone design of 2019. That is a triple camera setup at the back and a water-drop notch up front. Also, the camera setup will comprise of a 48 MP primary lens, an 8 MP secondary and a 5 MP tertiary lens. And judging by the current trends, we can be pretty sure the additional lenses are an ultra-wide and a depth sensor. In addition, it will feature a smaller 5.97″ Full-HD+ display, a Snapdragon 710 chipset, and a 3500 mAh battery.

That is all we know about the phones, so far. The info leaks are pretty tight, and we can’t be sure if all the rumors will hold up. These phones will launch in China, on July 2 first. But there is no word of launch outside China yet.