Android 10 Q Beta Released: 10 Things You Need to Know

android q beta launched
Source: XDADevelopers
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Google has just released the Beta of the new version of Android – Android v10 Q, the successor to the Android Pie (v9.0). We are not sure what this variant will be called, but we do know the upgrades Q has brought for the users. So, in this article, I will discuss the 10 new features of the new Android software.

System-wide dark mode

A system-wide dark mode is one of the most asked features on Android. For years now, users have asked Google for the feature, but their hope had always turned into frustration. However, this time though, the Californian company has introduced a system-wide dark theme on Android 10 Q. To enable this feature, you will have to toggle the battery saver mode. This is just the initial beta version, so Google will definitely single out this feature on its software.

Privacy Setting

The Android 10 Q now has a different menu just for Privacy settings. There are various tabs inside the setting which will let users set privacy according to the applications they use.

Updated notification control

Google focuses on making notifications more user-friendly with each software update. And this time, the company has made the notification manager a little different with three options – block, show silently and keep alerting. This will definitely save users from the hassle of going through the settings app just to make a few changes.

Foldable phone support

After the unveiling of the Samsung Galaxy Fold and the Huawei Mate X, it is safe to say that 2019 will be the year of foldable phones. So, to help with this, Google will make the new software optimized for the technology. Now, this might not result on a whole new optimized UI for foldable devices, but Android Q will definitely better the overall foldable experience.

Icon and accent colors

On Android 10 Q, Google has hidden a few tweaks on the Developer Option setting. Users can now change accent colors and the shape of the icons and notification toggle according to the options from Google.

Location and permissions

For years now, Android software has only offered two options when it comes to permission. This time though, Android Q will offer another additional permission that only applies to when the application is running. This will certainly be of help, especially if the location permission is considered as a lot of applications use the location of the device while running on background.

Updated share menu

The share menu on Android has always been one of the slowest aspects of the software. Google seems to have tackled this issue as the share menu loads up a little faster than before. We can certainly expect this to improve even more with the new beta updates.

QR code for Wi-Fi

This feature has been around in Xiaomi’s smartphones for quite a while now. The devices with the feature are able to share Wi-Fi credentials with another smartphone just by scanning a QR code. Google seems to have liked this feature as Android Q lets users create QR codes for Wi-Fi network to share the password.

Faster App Launches

With every new release of Android software, Google has always made app launches and the whole UI a lot faster. This time it’s no different as Android Q lets users run applications’ data earlier for a faster launch.

Better Biometrics

With Android v10 Q, smartphones will now display error messages to users if their smartphone doesn’t have a dedicated face recognition hardware. And like the Huawei Mate 20 Pro, this new upgrade will also let users sign into different applications and make purchases.