Android co-founder teases a look at a bezelless smartphone

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    Andy Rubin sure is one of the greats in the world of technology. Rubin made headlines when it was announced that Essential Products, the company the co-founder of Android had created, was working on a new flagship smartphone.

    Essential Products was started in 2014 and is rumored to be building a bezelless flagship smartphone. This news had come to light earlier this year. Fast forward a couple months and Rubin has shared a picture of the device on his Twitter. And boy, the end-to-end screen phone does look cool.

    Taking a look at the picture, we can see a display and a not so bezelless design. There is a small bezel cloaking the screen. Also, it looks as though the device will feature the rounded edges everyone likes on the LG G6. If the rounded edges are forgotten, the device reminds me of the Xiaomi Mi Mix, which features excellent design and aesthetics.

    The specifications of the device are still unknown as there aren’t many rumors floating around. It is, however, known that it will feature a modular system which works with the help of a proprietary magnetic connector. It could ship with a metal frame and a ceramic back for that extra protection every smartphone needs. Also, a rumor has mentioned that the device will feature a pressure-sensitive display, kind of like the recent iPhones.

    Andy Rubin probably shared the picture to garner attention and ride the hype train. His attempt seems to have been a success as everyone at the tech world is excited to see the end product of this project.

    Essential’s bezelless device won’t be the first smartphone to feature such a design. Sharp had implemented this concept on their Aquos Crystal, a smartphone that was launched nearly 3 years ago. Xiaomi had made headlines when it released the Mi Mix last year. The Mi Mix is already available in Nepal for buying.