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iPhone 6 Price in Nepal (NCELL Price)

Ncell iPhone plan aims to bring the latest iterations of Apple flagship in Nepal at decent prices. Learn more.

Xperia Z1 : Specs, Review and Price in Nepal

Nepa Hima Trade Link (P) Ltd, the sole distributor of Sony Phones in Nepal has officially launched Sony Xperia Z1 in Nepal. Sony Xperia...

Top Emerging Nepali Apps Roundup

Apps have been a way around us since some time now. And in this time they have proved to be playing an integral role...

What is Wifi Direct and how does it work?

A few years ago, we transferred music and photos via Bluetooth or Infrared but the transmission rate was not pleasing. It could take hours...

DEALS: One Plus One up for Order in Nepal

The Flagship Killer of 2014- One Plus One is nowup for order in Nepal via Online Reseller aamachhori.com. You can take your order by...
Nokia N1

Nokia N1 : iPad Mini clone that runs Android 5.0

Its a big surprise move, Nokia just unveiled an entry into the Android market with the Nokia N1 tablet and this can one of the best surprises...

Will my device receive Android Lollipop?

Android Lollipop 5.0 is the latest Android Operating System and Everyone wants it to have in their phone. To help you down, we have...

Huawei will not be producing any devices running Windows Phone

Huawei announced that they won't be making any Windows Phone as there is no profit for the company. In a Seattle Times article, Joe...

Android L update rolls out for Moto G 2013!

Android 5.0 Lollipop is now available to Motorola Moto G (2013) smartphones in India. The latest OS version is seeding to dual-SIM Moto G XT1033...

Will we have LTE in Nepal any soon?

LTE in Nepal is a must concerning changing technologies and increasing needs, but is it happening any soon? Lets find out.

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