CG bringing Nothing Tech products to Nepal, will it succeed?

CG bringing Nothing Officially in Nepal
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Nothing is a new brand created by Car Pei in 2020, the Co-founder of OnePlus which created quite a hype with its transparent design Nothing Ear (1) and Nothing Phone (1). The device did launch here but at a hefty price tag, compared to India. But things might finally change now. CG, the multi-billion Nepalese company is bringing Nothing Tech products to Nepal officially. More about CG Nothing partnership in this article.

CG bringing Nothing Products in Nepal:

Nirvana Chaudhary’s Tweet

Nirvana Chaudhary, son of business tycoon Binod Chaudhary and VC of the Chaudhary Foundation tweeted about the partnership with Nothing Tech brand. Yes, you heard it right, Nothing is finally entering Nepal very soon, officially.

Nothing Brand Overview:

Nothing is a Britain-based brand founded by Swedish entrepreneur Carl Pie. The genius behind OnePlus’s success, he was also the co-founder of the Chinese company. After exiting OnePlus, Pei went on to establish Nothing, and its first product, the Nothing Ear (1) garnered a wide range of attention. Which led to the smash hit success of the Nothing Phone (1). Its recent additions, the Nothing Phone (2) and Ear (2) are also quite popular in the market.

Right Pricing for Nothing Products finally?

Well, it’s not that we are seeing the Nothing products getting launched here for the first time. Tech Studio, the official importer of Nothing devices has already launched the Nothing Phone (1) Nothing Ear Stick and Nothing Ear (2) in Nepal. However, the pricing is on the higher side. For instance, the Phone (1) was priced at INR 29,999 (NPR 48,000) for the 8/128GB trim in India.

Nothing Phone 1 - Design 1
Nothing Phone (1)

While the very same version costs NPR 58,999 here. The same story repeats for Nothing Ear (2) which costs NPR 21,999 here in Nepal as compared to INR 9,999 (NPR 16,000) in India.

So, will we get to see competitive and right pricing for Nothing products finally? We can’t be 100% sure as of now. But CG is the super big business group of Nepal plus one of the highest taxpayers in Nepal. So, as an official distributor, CG technically can get the pricing right.

Plus the smartphone market is already dominated by big players such as Xiaomi/Redmi, Samsung, Vivo, Realme, and Oppo. So, competitive pricing is the key to penetrating the already crowded market. And CG needs to implement this with the Nothing products.

What about the CMF brand by Nothing?

For starters, Nothing recently brought a subbrand by the name CMF by Nothing with three products: Buds Pro, Watch Pro, and Power 65W GaN. As known, Nothing products are quite on the premium side. So, CMF is here to bring quality products at a much more affordable price tag than the mainstream Nothing products.

CMF Watch Pro Design and Display
CMF Watch Pro

So, will the CMF products land officially in Nepal as well? The tweet hasn’t mentioned anything about it though. But as the brand lies under Nothing, there is a high chance of CMF products hitting the online plus brick-and-mortar stores in Nepal.

Will CG finally succeed in the smartphone market?

To turn some pages back, CG’s track in the smartphone market is not that astonishing. The business giant did introduce its own CG brand of phones but didn’t go quite well. So, will it finally be successful as an official distributor of Nothing Tech products? The answer lies in the competitive pricing and modality for sure.

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