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Apple iPhones Price List

Here’s the Price List of all Apple iPhones currently available for purchase in Nepal. Apple’s annual smartphone offering is its iPhone lineup. The iPhone 14 series is their latest lineup, consisting of four devices: iPhone 14, 14 Plus, 14 Pro, and 14 Pro Max. All these devices operate on iOS 16. However, while the iPhone 14 and 14 Plus have last year’s A15 chip, the Pro models are equipped with the newer A16 Bionic SOC. Since the release of the iPhone X in 2017, Apple has redesigned the iPhones, introducing a nearly bezel-less display and a notch. The iPhone 14 Pro series also introduces a new type of notch called “Dynamic Island.” In addition to the latest price (s), this list provides specifications and a brief overview of all Apple iPhones in Nepal.

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Apple iPhones Price List (Latest Models)

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Apple: Brand Overview

Apple Inc. is an American technology company founded on April 1, 1976. Though the company was established by 3 founders: Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak, and Ronald Wayne, the latter took an early exit just 12 days after its inception. Recently Apple became the first company in the world to hit a market value of 3 Trillion USD. It specializes in selling consumer hardware and software services including the iPhone, iPad, Mac, AirPods, Apple Music, Apple Pay, Apple News, and much more. Initially, the company started out selling computers and struck gold with its Apple II system which became a best seller and one of the earliest mass-produced microcomputers. But what truly skyrocketed Apple was its introduction of the first iPhone in 2007. Since then, the tech giant has continued to roll out iPhones on a yearly basis and diversified into lots of software services as well. They have built quite an extensive ecosystem of products and services that all work seamlessly with each other.

Apple in Nepal

Generation Next Communications Pvt. Ltd. is the sole authorized official distributor of Apple products (in Nepal) which include the iPad, iMac, MacBooks, and iPhones. The company has different lineups of iPhones in Nepal with different variants to fit the interest of different types of customers. Since there are a lot of grey sellers and unauthorized channels, you can check the authenticity of your Nepal-bought iPhone by following either of the following steps:
  • Check the Generation Next hologram sticker on the box of your iPhone
  • Buy from Authorised sellers like Hukut Store, Oliz Store, and Evo Store
  • Enter the IMEI number on Genxt Nepal’s website.
  • SMS genxt<space>Service Tag no. to 34001

iPhone SE Series 

Apple sells affordable iPhones under the SE Series. Currently, the iPhone SE (2nd Gen) with the A13 Bionic chip and 4GB RAM is available for purchase in Nepal. These are often considered entry-level iPhones but come with highly capable processors and great cameras. But historically, SE devices have been cursed with sub-par battery life mainly due to their compact form factor. Many also consider the iPhone SE's design to be outdated with huge bezels and small LCD screen.

iPhone Number Series

Often termed the "regular" or "vanilla" iPhones, the Number Series includes your standard iPhone. These are a lot pricier than iPhone SE(s) but they bring a lot more to the table as well. They come with industry-leading horsepower and excellent cameras. Besides that, they also sport a more modern look with minimal bezels and notch. They also have beautiful displays paired with reliable battery life. Often, these suffice all the wants and needs of your typical user but those craving extra bells and whistles gravitate towards the Pro series.

iPhone Pro Series

Judging by sales alone, iPhone Pro Series devices are the most popular by far. It'd seem counter-intuitive to some for the most expensive phones to have greater sales, but that only testifies to their greatness. Pro iPhones have larger and better screens with better battery endurance. They are also endowed with a better camera system overall and are market leaders in mobile photography and videography. But these add-ons do come at a cost and configurations of Pro iPhones can cost hundreds of dollars more than their vanilla counterparts. Apple sells iPhone Pro and iPhone Pro Max devices under the Pro Series.

iPhone Plus Series

But if you want a big iPhone without paying the big Price, you can opt-in for the Plus Series phones. Apple just recontinued their Plus Series with the iPhone 14 Plus. Before that, the last Plus iPhone we saw was the 8 Plus and that came out 6 years ago (2017). The Plus Devices have bigger screens and bigger batteries but do not bring improvements in the camera or performance departments. That’s no big blow though as modern iPhones have great cameras and performance regardless.

iPhone Mini-Series 

Though discontinued, we thought we’d include the Mini Series here as a homage to compact flagship iPhones. With popular demand, Apple brought the mini to their iPhone 12 lineup and subsequently followed up with the iPhone 13 mini a year later. But decided to kill the Series after that, supposedly due to low demand. It was devastating news to small phone enthusiasts across the board but understandable as a business decision. Regardless, iPhone minis housed flagship chipsets and capable camera systems. They had satisfactory battery life too. 

Apple Service Centers in Nepal

As mentioned before, GenX is the sole authorized distributor of Apple products in Nepal. As such any queries regarding Apple products or services can be placed at [email protected]. Contacts associated with Apple Service Centers are:
  • Evostore, Ground Floor, Mercantile Plaza, Durbar Marg, Kathmandu
  • Tel: 977-1-‎4212100, ‎977-1-4229660
  •  Gen Nxt, 2nd Floor, Sherpa Mall, Durbar Marg
  • Tel: 01-4220864/72 

Apple iPhones Price List 2023 [Summary] 

Apple iPhones List Price in Nepal
iPhone 11 Rs. 89,990  (128GB)
iPhone 13 Rs. 119,990 (128GB)
iPhone 14 Rs. 138,990 (128GB)
iPhone 14 Plus Rs. 157,990 (128GB)
iPhone 14 Pro Rs. 180,190 (128GB)
iPhone 14 Pro Max Rs. 198,890 (128GB)

Apple in Nepal: Conclusion

In Nepal, Apple has gained a strong reputation as a highly sought-after smartphone brand. By providing elite smartphones with excellent user experience and years of support, Apple has garnered a loyal user base that only continues to grow. Purchasing an iPhone is also quite convenient as you can either visit offline retail shops or buy online via Daraz or Hukut.