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INSIGHT COVID 19 Detection Test

INSIGHT: New two-step test proposed for COVID-19 detection at home

A swift and accurate detection test is very important when it comes to battling a global pandemic like that of COVID-19. It allows the...
National Innovation Center Logo Isolation chamber

NIC develops cost-effective isolation chamber for transportation of COVID19 patients

National Innovation Centre (NIC) has been manufacturing necessary medical equipment during the pandemic. It is trying to strengthen the medical infrastructure of the country....
covid-19 drug

Covid 19: Inexpensive dexamethasone becomes first life-saving drug

The spread of COVID-19 across the world has caused a lot of casualties. At the time of the writing, over 440K people have lost...
covid 19 high altitude research

A study suggests lower risk of COVID-19 infection to people in high altitude regions

Our honorable Prime Minister claims that Nepalese are more immune to the COVID-19 virus than people of other countries. This statement sounds absurd, mostly...
COVIDNP App Nepal coronavirus tracing

COVIDNP Nepali app launched to trace corona victims more effectively

Despite almost two months of lockdown, the spread of COVID-19 in Nepal has not slowed down. Rather, there has been a rapid increment in...
The impact of COVID-19 on the smartphone industry

The impact of COVID-19 on the smartphone industry!

It is absolutely heart-wrenching to see how the global coronavirus pandemic has taken the lives of many; on top of creating an unruly commotion...
Daraz Bigmart delivering essential goods

Daraz, Bigmart collaboration: Q&A session with Daraz on how it’s delivering essential goods

The perils of the lockdown are far beyond the contamination of the virus only. Another undesired outcome of the whole ordeal in an underdeveloped...
Ncell User Service Pay Later Offer

Ncell brings “Use Service, Pay Later” offer to help people during this lockdown

The current lockdown has certainly been tough on many of us. One has to maintain a safe social distance between themselves and others to...
Nepal Telecom (NTC) Zero Balance Package

Nepal Telecom offering “Zero Balance Package” to help soften the blow of COVID-19 lockdown

You might've heard how "the virus doesn't discriminate" and affects everyone equally regardless of their gender, cultural belief, wealth, and other socio-economic factors. That's...
Sastodeal accused of stealing promotional content from Thulo

Sastodeal accused of stealing promotional content from Thulo: How serious is the issue?

Desperate times call for desperate measures. The supply of essential goods has been the prime issue of concern during the country-wide lockdown against the...