COVIDNP Nepali app launched to trace corona victims more effectively

COVIDNP App Nepal coronavirus tracing
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Despite almost two months of lockdown, the spread of COVID-19 in Nepal has not slowed down. Rather, there has been a rapid increment in the number of people affected over the past few days. So, it was only natural for people to start questioning the government on how they plan on flattening the curve. Well, our government has turned towards a technological solution to track COVID-19 patients in Nepal. And that is the COVIDNP app.

COVIDNP App Overview

The COVIDNP app will be used to track and trace coronavirus in Nepal. The app is currently available in the Google Play store and will soon be available in the App store too. Moreover, along with the mobile app, a web-app has been launched too.

COVIDNP is developed in collaboration of Imark Pvt. Ltd., Pioneer Associates, and Ideal Concern. It was launched as a response to the commitment made by the prime minister last month. It is commendable that the app has been developed in less than a month. The hope is that, with the help of this app, Nepal too will be able to control the spread of the virus similar to how they did in South Korea. However, every one of us will need to use this app properly.


COVIDNP app corona nepal

How the COVIDNP App Works?

It has been really difficult for the government to identify the people who might have contracted the virus. You will be asked a series of questions and as per the answers, the user will be labeled green, yellow, or red. This division will help users identify whether they have potentially contracted the virus or not. And take the proper safety measures.

Furthermore, it will also help the government to provide medical assistance properly. While using the app and have kept your Bluetooth on, others around you will also be able to see your COVID-19 status. Thus, making it easier for them to know who around them might have the virus.

Moreover, with the increase in the spread of the virus, the spread of misinformation has increased too. The COVIDNP app has been developed to tackle this problem too. Users will get accurate information about the virus, how it spreads, and so on with the help of this app.

Using this app is certainly going to be very beneficial in tackling the current problem as the government will be able to gather data from a central source. However, only time will tell the effectiveness of the app. It will take a collective effort from both the citizens as well as the government for us to come out of this crisis safely.