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Vostro Series

Dell positions the Vostro series as affordable laptops for small businesses. These are cheaper than the Latitude series, which is Dell’s other business lineup. Vostro laptops are among the cheapest and basic-looking notebooks under Dell’s umbrella. In this post, we have listed down all the laptops under the Dell Vostro series that are available in Nepal, along with the price and availability.

Dell Vostro Series Overview:

Dell introduced the Vostro series back in 2007. With its introduction, Dell revamped its products lineup. The company got rid of the Dimension altogether and repurposed the Inspiron series for home. Then in 2013, Dell stopped the production of Vostro laptops, citing low demands. However, the company would bring it back in 2015.

Vostro laptops are built to be reliable assets for small businesses. Thus, you don’t get designs that are colorful or funky. The majority of these laptops come with a carbon black fiber finish with the Dell logo on the top cover.

You get all the essential features that you see in business laptops, including HD webcams, Waves MaxxAudio speakers, Gigabit Ethernet. Higher-end models even come with anti-virus and fingerprint scanners pre-installed.

Like the Inspiron series, Vostro is also divided into three sub-categories.

Dell Vostro 3000 Series

These are entry-level laptops that mostly arrive in 13″ and 15.6″ form factors. Here, you get to choose between FHD or HD display with 2-sided narrow bezels. In order to increase security and productivity, these laptops come with technologies like  ExpressCharge, Mobile Connect, and TPM 2.0.

Higher-end models feature spill-resistant keyboards, hardware-based TPM 2.0, discrete graphics, and Type-C connectivity.

Dell Vostro 3000 Series Laptops in Nepal

The latest models with Vostro 3000 series laptops come with 11th Gen Intel mobile processors and discrete MX-series graphics from NVIDIA.

Model Display CPU GPU RAM Storage  Price
Vostro 14 3400 14″ FHD Intel i5-1135G7 MX330 8GB 256GB SSD Rs. 91,000 (ITTI)
Vostro 14 3401 14″ HD Intel i3-1005G1 Intel UHD 4GB 1TB HDD Rs. 60,040 (Neostore)
Vostro 15 3501 15.6″ HD Intel i3-1115G4 Intel UHD 4GB 1TB HDD Rs. 60,000 (Hukut)
Vostro 15 3501 15.6″ FHD Intel i5-1135G7 Iris Xe 4GB 1TB HDD Rs. 77,000 (Hukut)
Vostro 15 3501 15.6″ FHD Intel i5-1135G7 Iris Xe 8GB 256GB SSD Rs. 80,000 (Hukut)
Vostro 15 3501 15.6″ FHD Intel i7-1165G7 MX350 8GB 512GB SSD Rs. 115,000 (Hukut)

Dell Vostro 5000 Series

Dell Vostro 5000 series laptops feature better design compared to the 3000 series. They are more lightweight and portable. 3-sided narrow bezels are pretty common, though you can also find 4-sided narrow bezes on higher models. Other common features across the series include HD webcams, physical camera shutters, 135-degree hinges, and intelligent thermals.

Higher-end models in the Vostro 5000 series offer two color choices, fingerprint scanner with Windows Hello authentication, Thunderbolt port, and Wi-Fi 6 connectivity.

Dell Vostro 5000 Laptops in Nepal

You can buy Vostro 5000 series laptops with the latest components from Intel and GPU. However, they are very hard to get because of the limited availability.

Model Display CPU GPU RAM Storage  Price
Vostro 15 5502 15.6″ FHD Intel i5-1135G7 MX350 8GB 512GB SSD Rs. 110,990 (LDS)

Dell Vostro 7000 Series

The 7000 series is home to the most advanced laptops under the Vostro series. These laptops are targeted at business professionals that prefer power and performance over productivity. Here, you can get laptops with Intel’s H-series processor and GeForce GTX graphics from NVIDIA.

Dell Vostro 7000 Series Laptops in Nepal

As it’s a highly specialized lineup, Dell puts out very few models. Thus, Vostro 7000 series are limited to certain regions and almost impossible to find in a market like ours.

Dell Vostro Laptops Price in Nepal 2022 [Summary]

Dell laptop model Price
Dell Vostro Series
Vostro 14 3400 (14″ FHD, Intel i5-1135G7, MX330, 8GB RAM, 256GB SSD) Rs. 91,000
Vostro 14 3401 (14″ HD, Intel i3-1005G1, Intel UHD, 4GB RAM, 1TB HDD) Rs. 60,040
Vostro 15 3501 (15.6″ FHD, Intel i3-1115G7, Iris UHD, 4GB RAM, 1TB HDD) Rs. 60,000
Vostro 15 3501 (15.6″ FHD, Intel i5-1135G7, Iris Xe, 4GB RAM, 1TB HDD) Rs. 77,000
Vostro 15 3501 (15.6″ FHD, Intel i5-1135G7, Iris Xe, 8GB RAM, 256GB SSD) Rs. 80,000
Vostro 15 3501 (15.6″ FHD, Intel i7-1165G7, MX350, 8GB RAM, 512GB SSD) Rs. 115,000
Vostro 15 5502 (15.6″ FHD, Intel i5-1135G7, MX350, 8GB RAM, 512GB SSD) Rs. 110,990

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