Dell Vostro 5468 Review: Business cum productivity Laptop

The Dell Vostro 5468 is an affordable & handy laptop intended for business buyers in Nepal for Rs. 74,000. Is this the best budget business laptop to buy? Find out in our review.

Dell Vostro 5468 Review
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The Vostro 5000 series is among the latest, affordable and handy laptops from Dell. The Dell Vostro 5468 is one of those portable and lightweight laptops from Dell intended for business purposes. In this review, we will see if the Dell Vostro 5468 performs in real life.

Dell Vostro 5468 specifications in a nutshell:

  • Display: 14″ FHD display
  • RAM: 4GB DDR3
  • Hard disk capacity: 1TB with expandable SSD
  • Operating system: Windows 10
  • Processor series: Core-i5
  • Processor number: i5-7200U
  • Graphics: Intel 620 shared graphics along with a dedicated Nvidia 940 MX graphics


Since the device is impressive at first sight, I will elaborate on the design first. TheDell Vostro 5468 has a simple and generic design. The Dell Vostro 5468 measures in at 14 inches accompanied by a stylish design and sleek looks.

Dell Vostro 5468 review design

The device is pretty light at just 1.5 kg, making it very easy to carry around. The Grey metallic chassis makes it look premium and attractive.

Dell Vostro 5468 review back

The power button lies in the top right corner, which has an LED indicator to show if the power is on. The trackpad is also pretty decent with good tracking and gestures for scrolling, switching through tasks and the like.

Dell Vostro 5468 review trackpad

The right side has an SD card slot, a USB 3.0 port, a VGA port and Similarly, the left side is equipped with two USB 3.0 ports, a gigabit Ethernet, an HDMI and a charging port. Well, it’s clear that the connectivity options this device provides are quite impressive.

Dell Vostro 5468 review left side ports Dell Vostro 5468 review right side ports

Adding more to the design, the keys are placed at a good and comfortable distance from each other making it easier for the users to type in it. This is good news for the students and business people who have to type a lot.

Dell Vostro 5468 review keyboard

The keys feel comfortable while typing, so long time of typing is also made easier by the arrangement of the keys. In the overall design department, I would definitely give this one a thumbs up.


The Dell Vostro 5468 comes with a Full HD matte display which is indeed bright with sufficient enough contrast and saturation. Although the display quality and colour reproduction are good, the viewing angles are not very impressive.

Dell Vostro 5468 review display

The display quality is good while watching movies and videos, so I’ve had my share of movie experience while using this laptop. Similarly, viewing images in the 1080p display yields good results. The contents are visible under sunlight too, so even working outdoors isn’t a problem with this one.


One of the major concerns for me as a user, be it on any device, is the battery. There are times when you forget to carry your charger around and you have a hard time doing your tasks steadily. It gives you around 5 hours of life once fully charged.

The around 5 hours scenario is applicable only in conditions of normal usage. While playing videos it gave me a life of 4 hours exactly, so I was able to finish 2 movies without plugging the charger in. Similarly, while I played Battlefield for an hour, the battery drained significantly and then left me with around 2 hours of time for normal use. Overall, the battery life, I must say, is quite good.


Next thing is the storage. The version I am currently using has 4 GB of RAM and 1TB of Hard Drive. You can always install an SSD with its vacant M.2 Slot. If you are a content creator, adding an SSD would be a wise choice.  You also have 1 free ram slot in case you need more memory. So, you have the choice to get more memory for your device when you need it, as the device gives you a choice. The system can grow with your needs.


The Dell Vostro 5468 is powered by a dual-core 7th generation processor that runs at a base clock of 2.5 GHz and can go high up to 2.7 GHz. The CPU is accompanied by Intel’s 620 shared graphics and a dedicated Nvidia 940 MX graphics card for better performance. If you will be using this one for gaming, you would certainly want to play at medium to low settings. But, as this device is not made for gaming purposes, this was expected.

For the price, Multitasking is also quite good as running multiple programs does not slow down the computer and also switching between tasks is smooth and fast. What’s commendable is, switching from games to other tasks also has a smooth outcome. So, you won’t have to worry about your device freezing while aggressively switching from one task to another. The Dell Vostro 5468 does great for multitasking without interruption.

As far as throttling is concerned, the device holds up pretty well in normal usage. The only times I felt the device get warm was when I started gaming, although it’s pretty normal in most of the laptops while in the gaming scenario.

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As I already said, visuals look good on this device which is further aided by good sound quality from two speakers located below at both right and left sides. I am among the people who prefer the speakers to be located up and not on the laptop. That, however, does not necessarily mean the audio output from this device is not good. The speakers are loud enough and the audio is well balanced, considering the small size. additionally, the built-in webcam allows you to collaborate with your business partners easily.

Other things being said, this device is marketed for business purposes, for instance, using MS Office, handling your social life and the like. Notable is the fact that this one is more than just that. Gaming, in particular, was not bad at medium to low settings and it definitely can be used as an entertainment device as well. The insides of this device are up to date and powerful enough to run anything you could need for a business user. the 7th Gen processor will run anything you throw at it and the SSD will follow with similar performance.


In conclusion, The Dell Vostro 5468 definitely serves the needs it was built for that is for on-the-go business workers who have a modest budget. For a normal user like myself, who does more office related works, wide range of entertainment activities and a little bit of gaming, the device fares well for the price.

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dell-vostro-5468-reviewThe Dell Vostro 5468 definitely serves the needs it was built for that is for on-the-go business workers who have a modest budget. For a normal user like myself, who does more office related works, wide range of entertainment activities and a little bit of gaming, the device fares well for the price.