Vianet teams with Ncell to provide free mobile data with its internet plans

Vianet Purple Pack Internet Offer Ncelll Free Mobile Data Voice Call Offer
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Last month, Nepal Telecom announced the Double Mazza offer, under which the company bundled mobile data with fiber internet. And now, Vianet has brought a similar package in partnership with Ncell. Here, we will be discussing the different packages, their pricing, terms and conditions, and availability of the Vianet Purple Pack.

Vianet Purple Pack Overview:

Vianet is offering two internet plans under the Purple Pack offer. Users can choose between Purple Pack 80 and Purple Pack 100. As you may have guessed, these plans offer bandwidth of 80Mbps and 100Mbps, respectively. While Vianet has already been providing 100Mbps plans under the Guna Sampanna package, the 80Mbps plan is entirely new.


When subscribing to either of the Purple Pack, users will get a Ncell SIM for free. With it, they can use Vianet Mobile App for free (up to 1GB per month). In addition, Ncell is providing 4GB of data, 50 mins of voice call (Ncell-Ncell), and 50 SMS (Ncell-Ncell) every month for free.

Ncell SIM Offer
Free mobile data 4GB per month
Free voice (within Ncell network) 50 minutes per month
Free SMS (within Ncell network) 50 SMS per month
Free mobile data for Vianet mobile app Up to 1GB per month
Free voice call to Vianet call center Up to 50 minutes per month

You also get options like ViaTV (up to 3 connections), viaSecure, and Ultraboost as you get with the standard plans.


Unfortunately, this offer is only valid for annual subscriptions. The annual price for Purple Pack is Rs. 19,200 for the 80Mbps and Rs. 21,600 for the 100Mbps package.

Plan Bandwidth Annual Price
(Without 13% VAT)
Purple Pack 80 80Mbps Rs. 19,200
Purple Pack 100 100Mbps Rs. 21,600
Other features Free Ncell SIM, ViaTV (up to 3 connections), viaSecure, Ultraboost

While the installation is free, you will have to pay Rs. 500 for the Wi-Fi device. If you go for the 5GHz router, you will have to pay an extra Rs. 3,500.

One Time Charges Price (Without VAT)
Internet Installation charge Free
Fiber Wi-Fi device deposit Rs. 500
5GHz Wi-Fi add-on (Optional) Rs. 3,500
ViaTV STB activation Free
STB deposit Rs. 500

In addition, more than one STB connections are subject to additional costs.

Multi-ViaTV Connection Price (Without VAT)
Secondary STB activation Rs. 2,000
Secondary STB deposit Rs. 500

As for availability, the Vianet Purple Pack is currently available in the Kathmandu Valley only. Plus, the company has not mentioned any plans for future expansion either.

Vianet Purple Pack: Opinion

Here, Vianet has partnered with Ncell to provide added benefits to its consumer. Both companies are big in their respective sector.

That being said, the Purple Pack isn’t likely to make people cancel their current ISP and switch to Vianet. But it definitely adds value to existing Vianet users and those who are already considering Vianet.

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