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Netflix Gaming Platform Rumors game division executive

Netflix is apparently looking to develop a gaming platform of its own

Netflix is the biggest video streaming platform in the world and at this point, it has pretty much conquered Hollywood. Now, it seems the...
Netflix launches Downloads For You Smart Android app

Netflix can now automatically download recommended content for users

After months of experimenting, Netflix has finally launched the "Downloads for You" feature for Android users. The new feature automatically downloads content that it...
Netflix account sharing days

Netflix account sharing days coming to an end?

I have planned my perfect weekend. Stay in my bed all day long and binge through the Netflix series that I haven’t been able...
netflix mobile gaming

Netflix is now making video games!

Netflix is a well-known video streaming site. Its database includes tons of popular video contents, some of which are developed by the company itself. After...
black mirror bandersnatch review

Netflix’s Black Mirror Bandersnatch Interactive Film review: Is it any good?

Is it a game? or is it a movie? It's actually a "Netflix Interactive Flim for Adults", according to the popular streaming service provider....