Daraz 11.11 Sales Day is coming!

daraz 1111 sale singles day nepal
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Last year, when Daraz brought Black Friday to Nepal, it was a huge hit. But if you think you’ve seen it all, you’re in for a bigger surprise! Now “what is it” you may ask? It’s 11.11 Sales Day– Alibaba’s Singles Day Shopping Festival, and the world’s largest. And now, it’s coming to Nepal! More discounts, and better deals? Well, yes…and a lot more! After all, Daraz is organizing the biggest sales day on November 11!

Alibaba’s Singles Day Shopping Festival takes place every year on November 11. And it’s the greatest combination of commerce and celebration of consumerism. And last year, the numbers involved in the festival were overwhelming. A record sales equivalent to $25 billion dollars on a single day! So, that should be enough to give you a faint idea of how big it is.

Now, it makes its way to Nepal. Daraz is officially welcoming 11.11 this year onwards. While it’s called Alibaba’s Singles Day Shopping Festival, it’s not only for the single ones out there like the name suggests. It will be known as Daraz 11.11 Sales Day in Nepal. Of course, it’s not only for the single ones out there like the name suggests.

daraz 11.11 sales singles day nepal

It was already announced on 24th of October, but in an event on 28th October, Daraz unveiled more of its strategies and more about the largest sales event. So, we now know what the 11.11 is all about. If you thought Black Friday was big, the 11.11 will be the biggest! It will include huge discounts, exclusive product launches, crazy flash sales, brand vouchers and unbelievable offers from your favorite brands.

Of course, we are yet to know about the kinds of deals the e-commerce site will offer on that day, but the company claims it will be unbeatable. Daraz is also preparing to unveil and launch some new products exclusively on that day. We already know that one of them is the Pocophone F1, but there are a lot more to come.

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And while 11.11 is the elephant in the room, Daraz is doing a lot more to pave better roads for e-commerce in Nepal. After its acquisition by the world’s largest e-commerce platform, Daraz has a lot of cool plans for the future – it’s own and Nepal’s e-commerce as well. It started with the Daraz app, which now has 400,000 active users. And the company claims that the app is now better with AI! Also, the app will now also let you see official stores, offer brand vouchers, let you know about daily flash sales and provide better customer service interaction.

What’s more? Daraz also claims to have new and improved Daraz Seller Center, which will make for better service to the customers. The company will also be expanding its network via more Daraz Hubs in more and different places! In addition, Daraz will now have its own delivery fleet! That means, we get quicker and timely deliveries! Also, here’s another interesting concept! Daraz University. Yes, you read that right, will also come into initiation, which aims to educate sellers about selling on the Daraz website and improve their business.

However, Black Friday will now be no more in Nepal. But as the saying goes “When one good thing ends, a better one awaits”, we have the 11.11! And so, this might just be true in this case.

We will surely let you know more about this grand sales day in the further days. In the meantime, do tell us what do you think about Daraz 11.11 Sales Day? Will it be a hit or a miss? Do let us know in the comments.