Google Pixel 7 series rumors surface online with second-gen Tensor chip

Google Pixel 7 Series Rumors
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Google Pixel 6 series has arguably been the Android camera phone of 2021. While its wider availability is still a matter of concern, Google Pixel 7 series rumors have started to appear online. Here, we will go through the leaks and rumors surrounding the Google Pixel 7 series. 

Google Pixel 7 Series Overview:

2nd gen “Tensor” chip

Google Tensor Chipset

Recently, 9to5Google has shared a few details about the Pixel 7 series. As per the blog, the upcoming handsets will be powered by a second-gen Tensor chip. The SoC could land with model number “GS201″ and codename “Cloudripper”.


Furthermore, the GS201 is spotted with an unannounced Exynos modem with the codename “g5300b”. For comparison, the Pixel 6 has Exynos 5123 modem which bears the “g5123b” model number. 

7-series codenames

For a long time, Pixel devices were codenamed after several species of fish. With the Pixel 6-series, however, the company modified the naming approach and used avian (bird) codenames—”oriole” for the Pixel 6 and “raven” for the Pixel 6 Pro.

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Now, it appears that the tech behemoth is changing the scheme once more with the Pixel 7 series. These devices will be given cat-like codenames, such as “cheetah” and “panther”.

There’s also a “Ravenclaw” codename, which has been spotted with the other two. You see, when Google initially tested its first-gen Tensor chip in Pixel 5, it was referred internally as “Whitefin” — “white” from the codename of chip “Whitechapel” and “fin” from the Pixel 5’s “redfin”. 

Thus, 9to5Google believes that the codename “Ravenclaw” may relate to the Pixel 6 Pro (“Raven”), and claw referring to the Pixel 7 series devices. That means Google might have plans to test its second-gen Tensor chip in the Pixel 6 series device. 

Google Pixel 7 Series Launch

Aside from a few information gleaned via code-search, there have been no leaks or rumors regarding when these devices would be released. However, based on past year launches, we expect them to be released in Q4 of 2022.

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