Insta360 launches its first smartphone gimbal with 3-axis stabilization

Insta360 Flow Price in Nepal
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Insta360 is a well-known name for action cameras and 360 camera lovers. The Shenzen-based company has now added a new product to the line, the Insta360 Flow. It’s a smartphone gimbal with a built-in selfie stick, tripod, and power bank, all in one. So, let’s get into the detailed specs, features, availability, and expected price of the Insta360 Flow gimbal in Nepal.

Insta360 Flow Gimbal Overview:


The Insta360 Flow is a pocket-friendly gimbal that weighs around 369 grams. It attaches with a magnetic clamp for holding up to 300 grams of payload. Talking of its weight, the gimbal weighs 369 grams while the magnetic clamp is 32 grams. An interesting thing here is its ability to double as a selfie stick and a tripod, extending the length by up to 88m.

Insta360 Flow Design

On top of that, there is a tripod mount to attach it to other camera gears. And it is available to purchase in Stone Grey, and Summer White color options.

3-Axis Stabilization & Controls

The Insta360 Flow infuses a 3-axis stabilizer under its body for handheld stabilization with pan, tilt, and roll axis. But what’s more interesting here is with a single unfolding motion, the gimbal can power up, auto stabilize, and gets ready to use, which the company calls 1-Step Rapid Deploy. Similarly, with one fold, it can automatically turn off.

Smartwheel Insta360 Flow

Talking of the controls, the gimbal houses a circular smart wheel which is a capacitive touch panel. Users can change the stabilization modes (Auto, Follow, Pan Follow, FPV) by sliding around the smart wheel. While the outer edge has a separate wheel that can zoom in and out. The analog stick on the center of the wheel allows for manual movement of the phone.

AI Deeptrack

Moving on, the gimbal consists of an AI mode known as “Deeptrack”. For this, the users must use the default Insta360 app. And it can be activated through a tap on the rear trigger button which allows automatic tracking of the subject. You can also draw on the screen at a subject to keep it being tracked.

Furthermore, it also supports gesture signals. This allows creators to use it as a standalone tripod, and start hands-free tracking, eliminating the need to point the camera or press a button. Likewise, it also supports slow motion and zoom tracking.

The gimbal also features “Shot Genie,” which provides over 80 example scenarios to aid the user in capturing the best-looking scenes. Other shooting modes consist of dolly zooms, time-lapses, and panoramas. Users can also edit the videos on the go using the Insta360 app.

Battery and Others

The gimbal draws its power from a 2900mAh battery under the hood that can fully charge within 2 hours via a USB Type-C port. The company claims up to 12 hours of battery backup with the cell.

Interestingly, you can also use the gimbal as a power bank for charging the phone. Furthermore, the Insta360 Flow also houses a built-in cold shoe for a microphone and connects to the smartphone using Bluetooth 5.0.

Insta360 Flow Gimbal Specifications:

  • Dimensions:
    • Unfolded: 73.6×269.4×69.9mm
    • Folded: 79.6×162.1x36mm
  • Weight: 369gm (gimbal) / 32gm (magnetic phone clamp)
  • Extension Rod: 8.5-inch (215mm)
  • Phone Compatibility:
    • Weight: 130-300 gm
    • Thickness: 6.9-10mm
    • Width: 64-84mm
  • Mechanical Range: 
    • Pan: -230° to 100°
    • Roll: -150° to 180°
    • Tilt: -100° to 82°
  • Max Control Speed: 120º/s
  • Battery: 2900mAh (12 hours operating time, ideally)
  • Charging time: 2hrs (with 10W charger)
  • Charging port: USB Type-C
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth 5.0 (BLE)
  • Companion app: Insta360 App (Android | iOS)
  • Color options: Stone Grey, Summer White

Insta360 Flow Price in Nepal and Availability

The Insta360 Flow gimbal’s pricing begins at USD 159 for the standalone package. While buyers can also avail of the gimbal with Pro Tripod Kit and Creator’s Kit with extra add-ons at USD 192.98 & USD 209, respectively. We can expect the Insta360 Flow gimbal price in Nepal to start from NPR 25,000 when it makes its way here.

Gimbal Official Price Price in Nepal (Expected)
Insta360 Flow Standalone Kit USD 159 NPR 25,000
Pro Tripod Kit USD 192.98 NPR 30,000
Creator’s Kit USD 209 NPR 33,000

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