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Vivo X50 Series launched pro plus specs price nepal availability

Vivo’s X50 series is official with a big gimbal-like camera lens!

Vivo has a history of introducing some cool features in a concept device first; and then replicating it into its regular, ready-to-launch smartphones. Its...
DJI Osmo Mobile 3 vs Zhiyun Smooth-Q2 Best Gimbals to buy in Nepal review

Best Mobile Gimbals to Buy: DJI Osmo Mobile 3 vs Zhiyun Smooth-Q2

*flashback to 10 years ago* "Hey, whaddya wanna be when you grow up?" "An astronaut!" "A scientist!" "A doctor!" "A chef!" Videography really hadn't caught up...
dji osmo mobile 3 price specs

DJI Osmo Mobile 3: A fully versatile Mobile Gimbal

DJI seems to be taking the market by storm. With one great device after another, DJI's even moving into the action camera territory. Their...
zhiyun gimbals price nepal

Zhiyun Gimbals for Smartphones and Cameras to buy in Nepal

Due to the rise of social media, people’s craze for photos and videos has burgeoned at an unprecedented rate. Because of the same reason,...
zhiyun crane m2 vs dji ronin sc

Zhiyun launches Crane M2: A multi device supporting compact gimbal

Compact, affordable and compatible. These are the qualities that best describe the new Zhiyun Crane M2. Chinese manufacturers, Zhiyun, has made a name for...
DJI Gimbals price nepal

The DJI Gimbals that promise stable photos/videos from your smartphones & cameras

DJI, the China-based company is very renowned for its proficiency in developing camera-related accessories. It has garnered even more popularity because of its Unmanned...