KGH initiates Free Food Distribution Camp in Kathmandu

Free Food Distribution camp
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We all know about the current situation of the world due to the recent COVID-19 outbreak and it’s time that we start doing what we can from our side to help ease the current situation of fear and panic. Today, we will be writing about a free food distribution camp that going on in the valley. This initiation from the Kathmandu Guest House (KGH) Group hopes to help the needy ones.

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KGH Free Food Distribution Camp

This Free Food Distribution Camp is supported by Kathmandu Guest House Nepal and it was scheduled to start from March 27. But considering the circumstances, it initiated early on and is still going on.  As part of the initiation, each individual will be provided a 300gm packet of food. Each pack will include beaten rice, peanut, potato bhujiya, instant noodle and a packet of biscuit. Free food will be distributed from the west gate of Kathmandu Guest House form 11:00 am to 11:30 am.  For those, we are unfamiliar with the venue, it is located at Saat-Ghumti Nepal.

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Though the organizers had decided to distribute food from two other locations, it hasn’t been possible because of the lockdown. The duration of the camp is not certain but the organizers are determined to carry it out as long as they can. As of now, a thousand packets have already been distributed.

Our responsibility

Due to the pandemic, people are hesitating to get out of the house. It may not sound like a problem to many but the working-class people without steady income have greatly been affected. This initiation doesn’t require any volunteers but it requires people that can make this accessible to the targetted group. We need to make sure this reaches out to those people who are really in need of it. And we believe all of us will play our part in this.

Let’s act responsibly in this time of emergency. Keep yourself and your family safe, and take every precautionary measure possible.