MWC 2018: Leagoo S9 “World’s First Android iPhone X” Announced

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MWC (mobile world congress) this year held in Barcelona experienced a lot of new smartphone ideas for the year 2018. However, there’s something Leagoo, a Chinese phone manufacturer has come up with which is unheard of. Well, Chinese companies never fail to surprise us. Do they?

Leagoo had tried its fortune in Nepali market last year which was not as successful and a year later, the name is still unheard of to most of us. Following which it paved back its way back from Nepal.

Something that’s the best of both worlds. “World’s First Android iPhone X” is what the company claims it to be. A low-budget combination of two flagship phones. Samsung meets apple. S9 by name and iPhone X by its outlook. A perfect blend of humor and technology. They said, “any publicity is good publicity” and the Leagoo people took it seriously and applied it to their business.

Not just the outlook but it features some other features like the iPhone does. They are:
1. The face access feature which reportedly unlocks within 0.1 second
2. The ‘famous’ iPhone X notch
3. The iPhone X (swipe up to home) user interface

What does it have in similarity with the Samsung Galaxy S9 apart from its name? the android Oreo. The Leagoo will also have the android Oreo 8.1. other than that? Nothing really.

Furthermore, if the users are not that fond of face identification unlock system, they will have a rear-mounted fingerprint scanner as well. Now that’s what we call best on both worlds in the actual sense.

On the storage part, 4GB of RAM and 32 GB of internal storage along with SD card slot is what it consists of. 4GB of RAM is now early 2017 concept but not when we actually come to know about its price.

A 5.85-inch screen with full HD+ IPS display. 3000mAh battery. Dual 13-MP rear cameras and 8 MP front camera are not that bad of a deal.

It boasts an octa-core processor with all cores running at 1.5GHz. Well, how smooth the processing is will be examined once the phone launches. As far as the specification shows, the processor will be pretty decent as well.

Lastly, this phone will be priced at US$ 150 (approx Rs 15,500).

Therefore, comparing its features with the price which is quite affordable, the phone might have high chances of being a gimmick. Let’s hope this presumption will be proven by the phone. Whether or not will it be perceived by the public as “World’s First Android iPhone X” as the company claims or not is a question that has been making rounds inside our heads.

Leagoo is to launch yet another smartphone this year. It is named power 5. While most of the specifications are not known some of which we know is the 7000 mAh big battery and 18:9 bezel-less display.

Leagoo S9 Specifications:

  • Display: 5.85-inch Full HD+ IPS
  • OS: Android Oreo 8.1
  • Back Camera: 13MP + 2MP Dual (Sony)
  • Front Camera: 8MP (Omni Vision)
  • Sensor: fingerprint, face unlock
  • Processor: octa-core 1.5 GHz (unnamed)
  • RAM: 4GB
  • Storage: 32GB; microSD support
  • Battery: 3300mAh
  • Price: US$150 (Rs. 15,500)

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