How to Check your NTC Mobile Number?

How to check NTC Ncell number
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Are you struggling to find your phone number or having trouble forgetting your number? This article provides all the answers to queries like “how to check your NTC or Ncell mobile number” and the name it is registered under. Let’s dive in!

What are USSD Codes?

USSD (Unstructured Supplementary Service Data) codes are short codes or communication protocols used to communicate with mobile operators’ computers. These codes are incredibly helpful for anyone using telecommunications networks.

NTC (Nepal Telecom) USSD Codes

How to check your NTC number and registered name:

Nepal telecom

  • To check your NTC number, dial *9#.
  • To find the number by dialing another phone, call from your phone to any nearby phone.
  • To know the owner of the SIM, dial *922#
  • Your number will appear on the home page if you are already logged in to the NTC application.
  • Your number is also printed in the SIM card, so there’s that…
  • Another option is, you can simply dial customer care for your number, and taa.. da there you have it.

How to check your Ncell number and registered name:

  •  dialing *103#
  •  Similarly, you can know the owner of the SIM by dialing **9966#

Here are some extras you can check out:

How to check data packages:

  • Dial *1415# to check the latest data packages and offers.

Check your balance in NTC:

  • Dial *400# to check your balance.

find your Security Code:

  • Type “SCODE” and send it to 1415 via SMS.

How to activate and cancel call forwarding:

  • Activate call forwarding by dialing **2198xxxxxxxxForwarding Number#.
  • Cancel call forwarding by dialing ##002#


Don’t worry, we’ve all forgotten our phone numbers at some point. It’s perfectly normal, especially when dealing with a brand-new number. Over time, as you use it more, you’ll naturally memorize it. As an extra tip, always save your number in your phone under your own name, just in case you need it.

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