How to transfer balance in NTC (Nepal Telecom), learn several ways here!

How to Transfer Balance in NTC Nepal Telecom
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Transferring balance is something of a need when your friend or loved one is in dire need of balance. You might say, there are digital wallets to do so but not everyone uses such wallets. There is still a certain group of people who remain abstain from the use of digital transactions. And for them, this article will help in every way possible to transfer balance in NTC or Nepal Telecom.

How to transfer Balance in NTC?

You can transfer the balance in NTC or Nepal Telecom in multiple ways.

Method 1: The Traditional Security Code Method

  • First, you can go to your phone’s dialer and dial *422*SecurityCode*DestinationNumber*AmountinRupees#. For an example, *422*12345678*9841111111*100#
  • And most of us do not know our security numbers. For that, simply type SCODE to 1415 and you’ll receive it.
  • You can also know your security code by dialing 198.

Method 2: Using the Nepal Telecom App

Nepal Telecom App Balance Transfer
Nepal Telecom App
  • First up, download the Nepal Telecom app and then, open an account via your NTC number.
  • After that, select the transfer balance option.
  • Put the destination number and amount.
  • And press “confirm” to transfer the balance from your NTC number to another NTC number.
  • You’ll then receive an OTP number and enter it to complete the balance transfer.

Method 3: Using Nepal Telecom’s Self-care portal

Nepal Telecom NTC Self Care Account

  • First up, go to NTC’s official website which is
  • Then, register for the self-care account and log in.
  • Go to the balance transfer tab and input the recipient number and your desired amount.
  • Then, click on the confirm option and it’s done.

Some FAQs on Balance Transfer in NTC (Nepal Telecom)

What’s the minimum amount for transferring the balance in NTC?

The minimum transfer amount is 10 rupees.

What’s the maximum amount of transfer and limits in NTC?

You can transfer up to 500 rupees per transaction and a maximum of 20 transfers per day.

Does Nepal Telecom take any charge for the balance transfer function?

No, there is no service charge levied on the balance transfer function.

What are the criteria for transferring balance in NTC?

In order to transfer the balance, both the sender and recipient must be NTC users.

Is the balance transfer feature only available for Prepaid GSM users?

Yes, prepaid GSM users are eligible to use this feature.

Can I transfer the balance from NTC to Ncell?

No, you cannot transfer the balance from your NTC to your Ncell number.

Can I send the balance to the postpaid number from my prepaid NTC number?

Yes, prepaid users can also transfer balances to postpaid users by the same method.