Oppo Air Glass 3 unveiled with AndesGPT built-in

Oppo AI Glass 3
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Oppo has revealed the third iteration of its Air Glass series, departing from its previous futuristic design in favor of a more conventional appearance. Launched at MWC 2024 Barcelona, the Air Glass 3 boasts remarkable upgrades, with its most notable feature being an AI-based voice assistant powered by OPPO’s proprietary large language model (LLM), AndesGPT. In this article, let’s dive into discussing the Oppo Air Glass 3, its features, and expected price in Nepal.

Oppo Air Glass 3 Overview

Design and Display

Initially recognized for its micro projector and custom waveguide technologies, Oppo’s Air Glass 3 now presents a design that closely resembles regular spectacles. 

Oppo Air Glass 3 Display

Despite a slight increase in weight to 50 grams, the Air Glass 3 maintains a sleek profile while boasting improved waveguide technology. This advancement enables the device to project a full-color display with enhanced brightness uniformity and peak eye brightness. Additionally, the inclusion of four microphones and “reverse sound field technology” ensures optimal voice pickup and privacy for audio output.

Assisted Reality Function:

Unlike traditional augmented reality (AR) devices, the Air Glass 3 operates within the realm of assisted reality (aR), offering wearers unobtrusive overlays of information onto their field of view. This sets it apart from counterparts such as Xreal Air 2 Ultra and Brilliant Labs’ Frame, which integrate complex graphics into the real-world environment.

Integration with Smartphone:

To unleash its full potential, the Air Glass 3 requires synchronization with Oppo’s dedicated smartphone app. Through this app, exclusively available on Oppo smartphones at present, users can leverage the capabilities of AndesGPT, Oppo’s AI voice assistant. Touch gestures on the glasses’ stem allow for intuitive control, facilitating functions such as voice calls, music playback, and image browsing.

Oppo Air Glass 3 press

Oppo Air Glass 3 Conclusion

Despite its promising features, the Air Glass 3 remains in the prototype phase, with no official pricing or launch details disclosed. Moreover, the limited availability of Oppo’s AndesGPT outside of China suggests a potential delay in global distribution.

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