Oppo establishes a dedicated AI center to bolster AI advancements

Oppo AI Center
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In a bid to bolster its AI capabilities and explore new avenues in user-centric AI products, global technology giant OPPO has officially announced the establishment of the OPPO AI Center. The move underscores OPPO’s commitment to staying at the forefront of technological advancements and delivering cutting-edge experiences to users worldwide.

OPPO AI Center Overview

Defining Characteristics of AI Smartphones by OPPO

In anticipation of the AI Smartphone era, OPPO has outlined four key characteristics that define these innovative devices:

  • Efficient utilization of computing resources to meet the demands of generative AI.
  • Real-time awareness of the user’s surroundings through sensors.
  • Powerful self-learning capabilities.
  • Multimodal content generation abilities, offering continuous inspiration and knowledge support to users.

Integration of Generative AI Features in OPPO Smartphones

OPPO’s large language model, AndesGPT, boasting 180 billion parameters, is set to power the generative AI features on its smartphones. In addition, these features, including intelligent object removal in photos and phone conversation summaries, have garnered widespread attention within the tech industry.

Future of AI Smartphones

With the establishment of Oppo AI Center in the ‘Bay Area of Binhaiwan, Dongguan‘, its AI poised to revolutionize smartphones and their ecosystems, OPPO is taking proactive steps to lead this transformation. Moreover, upholding its brand mission of “Technology for Humanity, Kindness for the World,” OPPO plans to expand its generative AI capabilities across various product lines and markets.

Starting on the OPPO Reno 11 Series

Oppo AI Reno 11

Additionally, within the second quarter of 2024, OPPO will introduce a range of generative AI features, including the OPPO AI Eraser, to its Reno 11 series globally. Furthermore, this move underscores OPPO’s commitment to continuous innovation and delivering enhanced user experiences through AI-driven technologies.

OPPO AI Center: Conclusion

The establishment of the OPPO AI Center and the integration of advanced generative AI features in the Reno 11 series signify a significant milestone in OPPO’s journey toward shaping the future of smartphones through AI innovation. As the era of AI smartphones dawns, OPPO remains at the forefront, driving progress and redefining user experiences in the digital age.

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